Super Cute Succulents in a Teacup Vase!

Creating a mini garden in a teacup  is easy to do when using favorite succulents in small amounts to create it!
While staying at the historic St. Anthony Hotel in downtown
San Antonio, Texas a couple of weeks ago now I saw this
sweet teacup planted just like this and today I thought
we’d recreate it!

How to create + supplies needed for 

your teacup garden

Ask your neighbors for a few pieces broken off from their favorite succulents or pick up some inexpensively at your local garden center.

Grab an old well-loved teacup from your collection or pick one up at a thrift shop to use as your planter ~ drill a hole in the bottom for drainage if you will be keeping your succulents in it permanently.

Pick up a bag of soil for succulents and cacti and fill the teacup about 2/3 full.

Add plants to the teacup and water thoroughly until it drains ~ succulents don’t need much water and prefer not to have “wet feet.”

Finish off your teacup planter with a big of spagnum moss or tiny pebbles to fill in the bare spots.

Soooo cute ~ perfect for decorating a small dining table!!!

Bests types of succulents to create your mini garden

*jade plant
eschevaria elegans
{small green, roselike}
short leaved aloe, hedgehog aloe and tiger tooth aloe
{the latter two have tall and spiky striped leaves}
*sedum rubrotinctum (jellybean plant)
*kalanchoe thyrsiflora (paddle plant)

*The starred plants were used in the teacup shown above.
See more at Country Living.


One more time!  😉

Succulent gardens  are super easy to grow by just snapping a piece or two off of the mother plant and setting it down where you want it in your potting soil ~ and that’s about it!

Succulents store water in their thicker leaves so when you see that your succulents are looking a little “thin” then you know it’s time to water your mini garden again!

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Happy gardening!

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