Sunday Dinner ~ Setting a Jeweled Fall Tablescape

Setting a fall tablescape just for two is a lovely way to share time together and show appreciation:
to your spouse ~ for all his or her hard work
to a best friend ~ for always being there
or to a
grown child home visiting ~
making his or her day special…

Creating a jeweled fall tablesetting 

It’s always fun to create every fall tablescape and this one
is easy in that all we need is a few fall leaves
some colorful plush pumpkins and the addition of
jewel tones with “candied fruit”
in our decorating.

For winning one of the games we played at a fall
Bible study dinner hosted a few weeks ago
by our teacher Peggy
I received a grab bag with some
jeweled fruit inside.

The jeweled candied fruit came from a thriftshop; the pumpkin salt and pepper shakers are from Cracker Barrel.
This beautiful faux fruit decoration with its deep green velvety leaves might have been intended for decorating a hat or
placing in a bowl on display ~ like the larger glass grapes
you might find at your local thriftshop which were
so popular for decorating during the
late 1960’s and 1970’s.

I was thrilled to find these jeweled fruit in my bag
that fun evening!
I knew they would be lovely for fall decorating
and lately they have been
nestled in amongst a big basket of dried flowers.
Here those velvety leaves continue the
velvety goodness of
our little pumpkins.

Adding fresh white painted chargers underneath each plate
adds an unexpected brightness and heightened drama
to darker jewel toned fall decor.

I realized too that I said the other day that this
little pheasant cutie I found while out thriftshopping
a couple of weeks ago
was going to feature in today’s post…
I forgot.
Her lovely bronze color definitely fits in with
today’s jewel toned decor, though.

Here are some pieces available on the web if you’d like
to decorate your table in a similar fashion.

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Disclosure:  the items above are affiliate links and are sold on Amazon.com.

By sharing these items with you, if you purchase any of these, I will receive
a small commission thereby helping me to continue providing lovely
content for you.  Thank-you! For my full disclosure please click Here.

Setting a lovely fall tablesetting
even if the meal is just something simple
like soup or simply sandwiches and
a piece of fruit
the thought behind decorating your table
will show just how much you care…

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