Sprucing Up the Early Fall Garden and Tour

Yes, I’ve been doing a little fall cleaning around here ~
Yes, of course cleaning like usual inside
but also outside of our
little prairie home. 

The spring plants finally pettered out so now multi-orange gaillardia are taking their spot.
The purple lantana is still doing well and just needed some light trimming.

The Time of the Chigger

Thankfully it looks like the season for
chiggers is over for this year!
I am especially glad as I haven’t been able
really to be outside for a few months now.
Hard for someone like me and for anyone who
knows and loves to be out of doors
planting and playing in the garden.
It’s crushing when you can’t be out
turning over dirt or
even just pulling weeds.

So, that’s what I spent a day doing last week
around the backside of our RV home.
Three small plastic grocery bags full!

Plants on the Move

Then it was time to move the rose pots
to the front western side of the trailer
so they could get more morning sun.
They did not like being up
on the little porch
as it just wasn’t sunny enough
{really just sunny early enough in the day}.
They are beginning to perk up already!

Today I moved the second rose pot and finished
pulling off dead and diseased rose leaves ~ those
which had yellowed or had black spot.
Another bagful of weeds, icky leaves
and just stuff blowing around.

Thankfully the weather is turning dryer
dropping from 75-80% humidity
{the Gulf of Mexico’s influence during summer}
to a more reasonable 40-50% or so.
More what I’m used to gardening in
in California.

Our newly spruced up front porch ready for those little trick-or-treaters who’ll
be coming around next month.

Hello Fall!

Late last week I took a trip down to
Home Depot and At Home

in Lewisville about 30 miles
down the highway
while I was running around getting
groceries and doing a long overdue
Costco run.

At Home Depot I picked up a new extendable
long blade trimmer and a heavy duty rake
while doing a return.
That rake has double sided raking capabilities
which is awesome!
It made raking weeds and loosening
some dirt really easy.
I’m sorry I didn’t take a quick photograph
of this rake and the trimmer this morning but
I was busy moving
all that dirt around with that rake.
{rather creating dirt from where the previous renter had a shed
outback of where his trailer sat ~ it’s now a dirt patch with a few weeds}

I’d also picked up 12 small pavers and
with that little bit of dirt moved over
I was able to level out the pavers
creating a better base for one of
“The Girls”
as well as the birdbath.
Next time I go down I’ll pick up some more to
make a nice entry to the porch area.

“The Girls” will be getting some new
head wreaths soon…
Stay tuned for that remake coming
probably next week.

The final things I picked up were
a few plants 
{also at Home Depot}
including this gorgeous
blue salvia and the fiery orange
Then I drove over for a quick
tour around At Home
where I found the white wood planter
Oh… and those faux pumpkins?
They jumped in my cart, too.
Can you imagine that?
No, neither can I.

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How is your fall garden going?
Hope it’s taking off with the
cooler weather,

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