Tea on Tuesday ~ A Friendship Tea

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My friends Scott and Marian just sitting down to tea.
This past Tuesday I had some new friends over for 
a real tea~ something that has been missing in my life 
since we moved out of our former home…

I have had friends in individually just for a scone and tea
but I haven’t had a full-on tea with courses like I used to do a 
couple of times a year for 17 or 18 years as part of the 
Victorian Tea Society
when we were in our previous two homes.

Sorry this is a bit blurry!  It was 11:45 or later and I was rushing to shoot a few photos before my friends arrived.

We had a wonderful time!  Spirit radio played softly

from out in the living room
candlelight flickered from the vanilla candles unobtrusively set on the dining room table and
the spicy scent of cinnamon~chip scones filled the sun-warmed air around us.

Zucchini quiche made with goat cheese replacing the usual mozzarella {why it’s so soft} and chicken salad sandwiches.

First Course

Our first course included cinnamon chip scones with mock Devonshire cream
made with goat cheese, almond milk and powdered sugar 
{since Marian has allergies to cow’s milk} 
whipped into to soft peaks.  
Because of using the goat cheese, this type of 
cream doesn’t stay whipped for long ~ just make a 
small batch and use it up quickly.
*If I had my big Kitchen-Aide mixer here the clotted cream
may have stayed whipped together better.

We also had cherry jam and Ikea’s orange and elderflower marmalade.
If you’ve never had this jam, it is incredibly delicious!

After each having one scone, the basket was passed around
a second time whereby Marian and I split a second scone.
We decided to save room for what was coming next…

Main Course

Next we partook in goat cheese zucchini quiche
chicken salad sandwiches on cinnamon bread and
fruits including 
raspberries, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.
The fruit being the perfect complement
to the tanginess of the quiche and
the cinnamon spiciness of the sandwiches.

While we ate we talked about Texas… They had brought over a AAA book and a
couple of magazines with places to visit and 
things to do here in this great state.
We also talked about where they are going
and what they will be doing next.
They will become camp hosts at their next camping spot
like we were in our last spot in California from 
late summer 2015 – November 2016!
It’s a great way to see an area and work a little
to pay for a camp spot to park your RV.
Something to consider if you plan to travel
when you retire. {Since it costs so much to pay for campsites…}

Scott and Marian will be heading out of state

following their daughter and son-in-law with a change in jobs
{Fun! Always a good thing to get to see new places!}

but I realized that I will really miss them.
Having been neighbors here in the park for several months now
surviving a number of hail and lightening storms 
this past winter hunkering down together through the real cold
strong winds and rains that happens in this part of North Texas,
we’ve built up a real friendship in a short amount of time.
Same with my friend Sondra and 
her dog “Shelby”
who are also traveling cross-country moving back home
to Oregon where she can be closer to family.
{She missed the tea as this was her first day to travel, but I made sure she had scones to go. :)}

“Shelby” is a sweet chihuahua terrier mix

These two photos were taken with my iPhone ~ a mutual friend took this one of Sondra and myself and our pups.

Scott and Marian took me down to the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

last month and we had a lovely lunch down there that day.

Marian, her daughter and granddaughter enjoying the walk through the various garden rooms at
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The Last Course ~ Dessert

Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting
dreamily drizzled with mashed raspberries
was the perfect end to a perfect meal.
The one flavor complemented the other…
We moved over to the living room for this final course
and my guests were treated to the picturesque views
of the property out the back window…

The alpacas lay quietly under now fully leafed trees
down in the pasture to the left
or were grazing nearby.
Birds hopped about in yard and on the meadow hill behind our prairie home
picking up twigs and grasses and working industriously finding materials to build their springtime nests.
And we talked of future dreams…

All in all a lovely afternoon and 
great way to renew 
“sharing tea with friends…”

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