5 Favorite Past Valentine’s Day Posts

Our little “everything dish” ~ often used as a bird bath and sometimes for seeds.
Some of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts
include many of my favorite photographs…
Today I thought I’d share my
top favorite 
Valentine’s Day posts
with you!

Let’s begin with a little fun
craft to make!

1. Hanging Lock Heart

This was a fun craft project!
I just used our scroll saw to cut out a heart
from leftover wood
added a cute lock piece I found while
antique browsing one day
and a little leftover key.
I’m thinking I might make another one
for our Tiny House
but since the scroll saw is not here
I’ll have to regular
“saw it…”
If I do make a new one
I’ll be sure to share it with you.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day!
A bunch of fun random thoughts
and photos
all happily related to our 
Valentine’s Day theme.

{I joked about those little letters ~ only two.
Yeah, that’s all that I found
in a small basket that worked 
knowing I’d be making some
Valentine’s Day posts!}

3. A Valentine’s Cake Recipe

I did bring this old Hershey’s cookbook
with us!
{Bought on our second honeymoon ~ the one I call our Real Honeymoon as our
honeymoon in October was really wet and a hurricane adventure ~ 
during the summer of 1988 after my hubby had graduated from 
OCS in Virginia ~ we drove up to see 
his aunt in West Virginia and 
stopped at the Hershey plant
in nearby Pennsylvania.  It was awesome!}

There might be an upcoming recipe
appearing here soon…
Yes, yes there will be!!!
4. Places to Shop ~ Vignettes

This is when I got to meet writer/editor
Fifi O’Neill
who is just as nice in person
as she appears in all the magazines
we’ve all read over the years!

She had just come out with her then new book
Prairie Style Weddings

… and it was totally fun to meet her!

I also met the lovely
Lidy Baars
from her super popular all~things~French 
but didn’t know it!
If you click on her name above
that will take you to her blog.
Do visit her shop through the link above!
She carries fabulous, fabulous
French goodies to purchase
for your home.
I just asked this woman {Lidy} who
arrived at Vignettes at the same time as I did
if she’d take a photograph
of Fifi O’Neill and me.
She graciously did.
Thank~you, Lidy!!!
{I put her photo from her blog out on my Women to Admire folder
on my French Ethereal Pinterest Page ~ come check it out!}

And, of course, the post’s title
wouldn’t be complete without sharing…
in Ocean Beach, San Diego
is a gorgeous, gorgeous place
to visit!

You won’t be disappointed when you visit!
soooo gorgeous there!
{had to just say that again}
One of my favorite photos from Vignette’s… sigh!…
You can also check out Vignette’s
blogposts here for upcoming
events ~ like this year’s
Valentine’s Day Soiree
set for Saturday, February 11th, 2017.
{okay, this is when I wish I was still near San Diego!}

another favorite photo… dreamy!
5. A Fair Valentine’s Table Styling
The first of my Valentine’s Day 
posts for 2017…
I’ve got my groove back after our big move
and after some inspiration while visiting my daughter
and a friend down in Kyle, Texas
then seeing
{and maybe eating}
really cute Valentine’s goodies
The Texas Pie Company.
I’ll be sharing about the pie company
in my weekend post
probably tomorrow.
Here’s a quick photo to keep you
hungry for more.

Whew! This has been a fun trip down
memory lane!
Leave me any comment if you’d like 
and as always
I’d love it if you’d sign up to receive
more of my scribblings.
Let me know what you’d like to hear about
here on my blog.
I’d be happy to feature you and your ideas
here, too!

Bisous and Blessings,
Barb 🙂

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