Old Holiday Photos ~ Decorating Inspiration!

I’ve been reading other people’s blog posts 
this past evening and so many ladies 
shared their wonderful homes…

Made me want to revisit our last home with you!
And after reading all these wonderful blogposts, 
seeing all the Thanksgiving tables decorated so prettily with 
sparkly goblets flashing prisms of light from flickering candlelight,
and gleaming just~polished silver and china laid out so carefully
made me nostalgic.
Then all of the photos of newly decorated Christmas trees
all festive and glowing
just brightening up 
every room…
I became inspired to share some favorite
decorating goodies with you!
Style Favorites:
French cane~back chairs 
The two shown in the photo above at the head and 
foot of our antique dining room table
are the same ones 
I have had out all summer while we were in our 
“Tiny Home” at Lake Skinner.
They await their return to a new home 
in this coming new year!
As do those plates, teacups and saucers… 
Oooh! The mugs I just purchased from
go with this set!!!
{I forgot to mention that yesterday! I was really excited to find them!}
Dried Flowers in Baskets
The blooms are darker here but that wonderful 
wicker basket is still going strong!
This is one of my favorite table settings 
for family and friends, by the way…
Style Trends: 
Silver~plate platters
If you haven’t gone thrift~shopping 
for those old 1960’s/1970’s {maybe even more recent}
silver~plate serving platters to use as chargers 
under your dinner plates,
you’ve got to go!

They are my “go~to” pieces 
underneath everything!
Some I spray painted white and I’d use them
underneath big plates the same way.
Most I kept just as they are as 
I like the silvery look.
They are fun to stack with glassware
in between, too, creating towers
to create large tiered serving pieces
to present cupcakes and other goodies
at parties!

And this generic 1980’s chandelier
turned beauty!
My friend Kathy gave me the idea of 
decorating one’s chandy while were still in our first home.
One year at Christmas time, I found this dangling garland
at Michael’s, I think.
This pearl garland is a favorite!
Kathy used these garlands on chandeliers
all over her house and hanging off picture frames!
Super cute!!!
Remember how in all the decorating magazines
back in the early 2000’s you’d see these 3′ long strands of 
crystal garland and teardrop pendants for sale 
in the advertisement sections??
Well, that’s where I got these!
You can see the teadrops attached to each of 
the bobeches sitting atop each candle sconce 
underneath each bulb.

Then I just kept finding more crystal things
and other beautiful decorations to hang off of them!
Especially at Holiday~time!
Here are two of Kathy’s chandies!
Sorry the left photo is so blurry ~ I must have shook
when taking it with my old phone.
Hanging greenery whether faux or real
looks lovely with all the dangling 
Christmas ornaments!
Inspiration galore!!!

This post is a little random plus it’s getting very late… 
but I thought you might like a little random decorating and also to 
see the home we loved and lived in for 13 good, long years.  
Good memories!
And, I’m so glad I am able to share
them with you!
Happy Decorating!
Barb 🙂

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