An All Hallow’s Eve Party Table ~ French Ethereal Style!

More cuddly than spooky…
These fabric pumpkins set out to decorate for
All Hallow’s Eve
add just the right touch of dark
to this table setting…

Sorry this post is getting out soooo late this week!
Internet was good {for a change!}
it’s just that I’ve been sewing pumpkins up a storm
as you’ll see over the next few days or so.

They are going~away gifts for the ladies
and a few gents I work with in the
local school district and
at the campground.

Racing against the light

Dishes were set out and stacked on the table, pumpkins put into place and a dessert muffin placed on the littlest and these are the shots I got…

On this one, I had to really lighten up the
photo and add in more color.
Really, really like the play of the candlelight!

Rain is coming in so this little tableau will go back out after the weather clears ~ hopefully just in time for any little trick~or~treaters who may come around!

Have a fun and safe time
this All Hallow’s Eve!!!

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