Fun Fridays ~ Random Valentine’s Shots!

Dinner after Valentine’s Day at Vignettes, Ocean Beach, San Diego. YUM!!!

February has just flown by!
Have you felt like that, too?

Well, a lot is getting done over here at our home ~
our backyard is almost done!
Our friendly gardener, Manny, has just about
finished putting in the last of the drains
and he’s going to lay down the weed cloth
that we bought about 9 years ago
for our pathways…
Will have a lovely update for you later this weekend!

So, yes! This is going to be a jumble of a post.

These are the cute little 
“Valentine Heart Friends”
(I don’t know what they are officially called, but this is my name for them!)
we made
at school a couple of weeks ago now.
I found the idea out on the internet through
and I will post these over there, too!
The students had the best time making all of these goodies!
One of my favorite decorating authors, Ms. Fifi O’Neill, and me!

Vignettes was such an incredible place!
I hope you have read my previous posts about meeting
Ms. Fifi O’Neill
and about the lovely shop

Look how chalkboard paint is used!!! Just painted up on the wall for an ever-changing sign-board!

I could gush on about both as Fifi is just very down-to-earth
and the folks at Vignettes
were very nice and the store is truly ethereal!
I really don’t go out shopping much like when I was younger,
but I do love browsing and if a special
comes along home…
Well, then a new memory is made!

 I bought some roses at
Sam’s Club
just before Valentine’s Day
and didn’t take any photos…
Where the brain was… I don’t know!
Well, then I thought I’d dry some to spread around the house.
They are drying quite nicely so will share what I do with them soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this random post!
Happy Friday
to you!!!

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