Downton Abbey, a new season!

Some of the cast members of Downton Abbey, courtesy of Masterpiece, PBS, and BBC

My British ancestral background
almost requires me
to post about 
Lord and Lady Grantham
and the cast of
Downton Abbey!

Actually, I am so excited that there is a new season beginning
because I love
the costumes, the manners, the time period!
I love seeing how people may have acted and spoken
during this era.

So much history and attention to detail
even with this being a fictional show.
Who couldn’t love the show?

(Certainly not this anglophile!) 

Let’s have an English creme tea with a Victoria sponge…

in honor of a new year and a fresh season
of new adventures in this story,
and in honor of 

Dame Maggie Smith’s 

80th birthday,

I share a cup of tea with you!
Barb 🙂

Feel free to share my blogpostings and to share your words of wisdom with me!

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