Victorian Candy Cones How-to

Victorian Candy Cones
are pretty easy to create
a lot of fun to design!

*First, pick out some lovely papers, heavier papers, 
and/or velum 
at your local scrapbook supply store.

Mine came from
Michael’s and Joann’s.

Creating the cone:

*Start by laying out your paper, printed-side down.
Begin rolling the paper with holding the left side tight
to create the bottom, pointed end.
(or right side, if you are left-handed!)
*Keep the left side tight/small as you roll the upper-end looser.

*Put a bead of hot glue along the edge lengthwise
to hold the edge in shape. I also glued a bit along the upper edge, 
next to the vertical long edge just glued-down.

*Make a slit 2″ down (or however long you like) 
to create a way to cut off and even up the top edge.

*Glue down the inside loose piece around the inside top.


*Pull out all of your laces, cheesecloth, buttons, whatever
and have fun loosely wrapping these around
your cone!

*Hot glue in spots to create any bent lace/ribbon pieces
and to keep in place. I put on the laces around the upper-edge first,
then put on the lower, wrapping, lace pieces. 

Create the hanger:

*Use more lace(s) and form a loose knot on one end.
Hot glue to the edge to hide some of the edge-glueing.

*Once the first part is glue on, then twist or 
layer your hanger piece, 
create the second, opposite knot and glue that in place.

Lovely and ethereal gifts to make
for Christmas, birthdays, weddings,

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Happy creating!

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