Fall Gardening

Here are some late fall blooms…

Love the bee sipping nectar in the Mary Rose.
The other is the one tiny bloom you can just
see on the Cecile Brunner, 

see the trimmed photo below.

part way through the trimming process…

 Happy Monday to you all!

Our school district had a teacher inservice today,
I had an welcome day off from work.
The rain we had over the weekend
has brought in 
some lovely, 70 degree temps.

The coastal breezes are coming 
straight over from
San Juan Capistrano,
the same place the swallows
return to each year.

Our bougainvillea blooming madly!

Here is the Cecile Brunner climber all neatly trimmer again.

little birdbath out in our central flowerbed with agapanthas surrounding it.

Today was a perfect day to work out in the garden!
My husband and I have been doing 
much-needed repairs 
around the house, so it was nice
to take a break and head out-of-doors.

(These photos are only slightly “enhanced” to get the bright sunlight out
a bit, nothing else.)

Our monster climber, the Cecile Brunner 
seen above on the left,
needed a haircut once again.
No matter that I butchered the thing back to bare canes 
late in January.
I really think it likes having most of its canes taken off.
It grows back even better!
We hired a gardener to help us with the
front lawn this past year,
and he and his boys cut the CB 
back in June or July for me.
I am grateful for their help!

Just a quick tour today!

Happy Monday to you!   🙂

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