Fall Furniture Re-do

My Fall furniture re-do
last year was working on my dining room chairs.
I had thought about refinishing them for several years
having grown tired of them being brown.
They were quite pretty as they were, but
I was tired of them,
so I knocked out four in one weekend!

First, sanding with 60 grit sandpaper.
I know ~ really, really rough.

It took off the varnish really fast and I was careful
notĀ to knock down any of the carvings.
As pieces of sandpaper wore down on the legs and seat,Ā I would use the still good parts folded
to get into the grooves of theĀ chair carvings and around the little flower parts.

On the caning, I just lightly sanded the fronts and backsides.Ā The caning was already worn fromĀ 
years of use, so I was pretty sure it would take the paintĀ really easily.Ā It did.


When you refinish your furniture, you may want to go overĀ your piece with a much finer grain sandpaperĀ afterĀ the first coarse sandingĀ to close your wood grainĀ before painting.

I just did a light dry-brushing of the paint so some of the grain and original dark stain would show through.

IĀ didn’tĀ do that as my hands gave out…Ā But, I am pretty happy with the results!Ā Now these chairs have a kind ofĀ chalk paint-feel to them which I really like.

Really loving how they turned out!Ā 

I just dry-brushed theĀ white paintĀ onto theĀ chairĀ lightly going over the carved parts.

Now, this fallĀ to finish the other two.

Here are the chairs in our dining room at one of my teasĀ this past winterĀ (a mini preview of Christmas-time!!!)

Happy decorating and redoing around your home!
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Blessings to you,

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