Ethereal Sunday

 Ethereal to me means ~

hydrangeas blooming in large puffballs out on the bush, and

roses in bud and full-bloom perfuming the air ~ sometimes in an explosion of scent!

Sparrows, doves and finches chirping madly while

pecking for seeds and their babies flapping 

immaturely feathered wings, crying out to be fed. Hummingbirds whizzing past and bees
buzzing from plant to plant 
often hovering, curious, visiting me

then flying off to
sip nectar and gathering pollen.

Inside, ethereal means ~
Engraved silverware found over the years
from California to Texas to Connecticut.
Ethereal means
a summer mantel display ~ gorgeousness in all its silence.

Our backyard garden, too, sends 

peace and a certain gentleness, and 
our adopted Pekingese,
won from a Boy Scout silent auction and found 
at the local animal shelter, he, too is 
ethereal in his furriness
and cute button nose ~


After a super busy week working outside
building and painting the new 
patio cover, 
we are tired!

So… It’s nice to just enjoy the backyard,
light winds rustling leaves.
Short gusts sighing through the 
open patio door 
bringing cooling, refreshing clean air inside.

Our roses are just beginning to bloom again.
They are sighing, too, with the release from 
the high humidity of early this week.

Yoda is freshly bathed and looking spiffy.
He is awaiting a second 
walk of the day!

Blessings to you on a warm
Ethereal Sunday!
Barb 🙂

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