Patio Covers & Fireplace Mantels

Here is our new patio cover!
Our friend came over to help my son and I rebuild our patio cover.
My husband and son took down the old rotted beam on the original front section in June which was falling down.

For the next several weeks, I had been washing, priming, and repainting
all of the usable joists (2 x 10’s),
then this Monday our friend came over and together

he and my son took off the beams closest 
to the house and started rebuilding the structure.

30 hours over four days,
it is all built, sturdy, and just needs touch-up painting.
Oh, and the sky really was that blue today!!!
80 degrees F. and nice breezes coming
over the coastal mountains.

As much work as we were doing,
we debated and then decided to 
cover the whole thing and only build out half.
Long-term goal is to span across
the back of the whole house.

My son Peter helping rebuild the cover and learning some new carpentry skills. 

The remaining front posts may come down 
or become a free-standing
I still like the idea of having hanging plants
and our bird feeder there 
on those front posts!
Project for next year.

So… the title to this post is about patio covers and mantels, 

I have had this idea of making
a faux fireplace surround
since we moved to this house almost a
decade ago.
I know right where I will put it, too!
In our living room.
This surround will be a “Ladies’ mantel”
only about 5′ wide across the board.

I located one of the left-over boards that had a really, really, 
really straight section between broken
and dry-rotted ends.
That board is now hand-sanded, all burrs are gone,
and I am loving the old look to it!

At our local Home Goods, I found this 
It is about 24″ long and made of resin
(I think).
It was $22 on clearance and was
originally $29.
Only problem, you ask???
I need a second corbel!

So, if anyone out there is stopping by your Home Goods, 
will you check in the shelving and paintings
section to see if you see 
this corbel??? Message me if you find one, thank you!!! 🙂
I will keep looking at ours, too.
I have been haunting ours all summer,
and there were two different, cute, shorter corbels 
last weekend, but…

Sometimes something I really want 
comes through at a later date. 
I ended up with a
second angel for our yard
that way a few years ago.
Then, last year a beautiful urn came up on
and now it houses a
lovely, dark pink-flowering 
rose bush.
It is a favorite in spring!!! 

And there’s where this fireplace surround will go. (photo, above left)
I even put the triptych
of a mirror I brought back on the plane with me
from England, and the
two ladies, up high enough for this
ethereal mantle.
I will post a photo of my
inspiration piece
later on.

Happy weekend to you all!

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