Lovely Laundry!

The past two days 

we have been without our dryer.
It had been making some noise but nothing really serious.
Well, the drive belt finally broke…

 An update ~ a photograph from later in the winter when the patio cover was all finished.

Since I had just been using the dryer yesterday morning,
right before it stopped working, 
In the washer sat a full load of

The old patio cover before it was shortened and covered in.  See the patio cover rebuild here.

So, up went our laundry lines again!* 

I have used our backyard patio cover 
as a laundry line for years,
hanging sheets and 
blankets, comforters and towels.

Yesterday and today,
it held 

Love laundry blowing in the breezes!

(*construction-zone out back — we are rebuilding the patio cover — hence the mess)

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Sun-kissed blessings to you,

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