Places to Visit ~ The Stockyards at Fort Worth

Just about a month ago now, my husband took a week’s vacation and we took advantage of the time to go on a mini vacation first catching a Texas Ranger’s ballgame.  {They won!}
After the game, we drove just a half-hour away to Old Fort Worth 
just west of Dallas to the famous stockyards area where cattle were rounded up and shipped across country east and west.

Summer school students out on a field trip enjoyed watching the cattle drive.

The Stockyards

Famous as “The beginnings of the West” as the description on the 
Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District website online says, the area boasts original cow pens, a railyard turnstile for turning engines around when heading a shipment of cattle east out to all points across country, wonderful old brick and limestone buildings with tall false fronts popular during the heyday of western expansion, and of course those famous Texas animals, the Texas longhorns, who walk the length of East Exchange Avenue two times a day to the delight of visitors.

Things to See and Do

The twice daily cattle drive at 11:00am and 4:00pm, the Stockyards have plenty to see and do.  Everything centers around the history of the cattle drives and America’s western expansion.

Several museums cover the local history of Fort Worth and one of those is a large museum called The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame devoted to modes of travel during the  mid to late 1800’s and up until the 1920’s or so. This museum also houses booths sharing historical snippets and memorabilia of famous Texans from rodeo, stage and movie stars who have ties to the the Fort Worth and Dallas area.

As you come into this carriage museum, the first thing you see is
Roy Rogers’ beautiful palomino horse forever rearing as a living testimony to the raw awesome beauty and danger of the Old West.

Roy Rogers’ beloved Trigger ~ He lived a good life performing in 188 movies and living 33 years.
Sorry some of these photos are blurry ~ all were taken with my iPhone as my
Canon’s memory card was full…

Just like on Hollywood, California’s famous sidewalks, Fort Worth also has its stars!

Famous rodeo rider

These are just a few of the photographs I saw in the museum’s Famous Texans area in individual booths.  I’ll share more of that next week when I share the museum itself.  

Recognize this really famous fellow???
Give you a hint:
Think “Men in Black” and “The Fugitive.”

In addition, cowboys roam the streets on horseback and will answer any questions visitors have about Texas and the heyday of cattle driving.  These same cowhorns will bring Texas longhorns out throughout the day and park them under tree-shaded areas for visitors to come and sit on for photo opportunities. 

Shopping and Restaurants

Stores are open for patrons to shop for everything Texas and to buy Texas mementos.  This also includes vintage and new boots and gear.  Some shops cater specifically to all new bootwear ~ some will even take custom orders as in days of old!  I saw both new and used boot shops with vintage and new clothing as well.  Hubby purchased a new pair of boots that fit like a glove! and I’ll share about that in an upcoming post on Shopping in Fort Worth.

Cool Texas wall art inside Cavender’s Boot City, Fort Worth.

There are burger places, bars and sit-down restaurants for every budget and we ate at several.  This is the place we had lunch on the Friday we watched the cattle drive, a little sit-down burger joint of whose name I didn’t catch.  It’s inside the stockyards covered shopping area, though!  🙂

Artwork up on the wall inside this burger place ~ pretty cool!

Well that’s it for now! Next week I’ll share
the museum and a really lovely spunky Texas
shopping mecca for Texas-style women’s clothing ~
the fun and funky
Sassy Pantz!
{hint:  It’s where I picked up that really cute ruffly blouse cum tanktop!}
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Les Macaron Comes to Town ~ Une Revue Délicieux!

A new sweet shoppe has come to town
here in North Central Texas and I’d be willing to bet 
one may be
coming your way soon!
I’m talking about the shop called
Les Macaron.

Owner and manager at Les Macaron is Fabien Daure.
Les Macaron recently opened at the 
Golden Triangle Mall in Denton, Texas 
and if the line of people waiting to be served 
on the day I went is any indication, 
Les Macaron is an instant smash hit with local 
sweet-tooth aficionados. 

Serving twenty flavorful macaroons in choices such as
Belgian chocolate, raspberry, basil white chocolate,
Colombian coffee and lemon crême,
there’s sure to be a flavor to temp every palette.

The official website for Les Macaron shares that
in addition to their flavorful macaroons,
they also sell specialty coffees and pastries
gelato and gourmet chocolates and candies.
I only purchased macarons the day I went
but I did see a yummy selection of
the pastries and chocolates!
{Just a tempting reason to go back and sample some more!}

 A lovely shop with all gluten free products
and also some diabetic versions so everyone
can enjoy a piece or two!

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Bon appétit!

French Ethereal Memories ~ Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!

Google reminded me this week that 
little old
French Ethereal
is celebrating a 3rd birthday today ~ July 11th!!!

The beginnings of a sofa slipcover made out of giant painter’s dropcloths.

Three years ago today my son Peter sat down with me
and helped me begin a blog ~ just a little place where
I could share some sewing tips, share tea parties
and my garden.
I had no idea how to write a blog though
I loved reading several others online
that I’d stumbled upon
quite by accident, really.
Some blogs I’d found because they were
mentioned in decorating magazines, like
French Country Cottage and ShabbyFufu.
Two favorites, Schwannennest and 
My Shabby Streamside Studio are 
no longer written.

A beautiful tablecloth found over in England but probably Irish-made.

Schwannennest {“Swan’s Nest” in German} was a lovely
blog with an all-white Nordic look
set in Bavaria, I believe.
I would stay up late at night reading on my iPad
and dream of an all-white home and 
how ethereal it was!
The author had hung four large doors with
windows as a big screen separating her
living room from her dining/kitchen area
and I always found that really unique.

Our mantel at the Big House decorated for summer… still a favorite way to decorate!

My Shabby Streamside Studio was a blog
also mostly done in whites with pops of
pink on dishes and fabrics.
It became a huge sensation and was written up
in home magazines and even was
featured on television.
Sandy, whose lovely hunting-cabin-turned-cottage
had such an ethereal quality to it
that I just wanted to go up into her
reading loft and while away
an afternoon!
You can still find Sandy’s postings
They are worth the time to go back and read.
Just lovely!
Really, these were where I got
my inspiration…

Another one of my Girls draped with the usual array of necklaces plus a
photo of my children when they were small. 
I realized then just how much I really liked 
decorating in whites
and even though my home had lots of color
on our walls
we also had some walls and lots of furniture
painted or purchased which were
painted white.
My daughter’s bedroom had all-white furniture
in it which I totally loved.
For Amy, though, she grew to 
love stained wood.
{Though funny enough, she has a white car now! The pendulum
swings back…}

That first blog was hosted over on Weebly.
Soon after, I found out that a lot of bloggers
were on another site called Blogger.
So, for the rest of that first year,
I double-blogged.
I’d write in Weebly and copy/paste
over here to Blogger.
It was crazy!

That first year I worked on writing whatever
popped into my head, but I did share
lots of tea-related posts since I had hosted
many a tea for about 15 years leading up to then.
I also wrote up lengthy, very detailed posts about 
making those sofa slipcovers in the photo
up at this post’s beginning!
You can find those here:
Post #1
Post #2
Post #3
Post #4

We had a lot of dry rot, so replacing posts and cross beams was a necessity.  Afterall, we planned on living here
a lot long, though that wasn’t meant to be. 🙁

The First Anniversary 
came and went and I don’t remember 
why I didn’t mention it
but I didn’t.
Oh!  I know why ~ I was too busy building
and painting the patio cover out back!

My son and a friend Jim rebuilt the patio cover
then I decided I wanted to totally cover the patio
to provide more shade.
It turned out well, but then a month
after it was finished…

My husband lost his job.

There wasn’t much to celebrate after that, 
let me tell you…

The accent wall in our living/dining room painted a lovely blue-green {color-matched from a pair of pants}.
But we muddled on through that first year
he wasn’t working.
And I kept blogging.
It was a good way to step away from
our troubles
focus on something ethereal and happy.

God was working through all this planning 
what was to come, though I didn’t see it
at the time.

A fall tablesetting ~ one of my favorites!
Christmas was tough that year and I think
we gave the kids one or two small presents
and Peter stayed in South Dakota
at school.
He went home with his girlfriend, Justine, to her
family’s home over Christmas
since we couldn’t afford to bring him home.

That year I made mini Christmas trees to give to the
ladies I worked with at school
and to friends.
I sent a couple to Peter and Justine.
It killed me not to bring our son home for Christmas
and it was his first Christmas away from home.

We all soldiered on.

Our warm barn red front doors decorated with twin wreaths festooned with new ribbons!  Before, the ribbons
were a 1990’s pink rose pattern.
On Valentine’s Day, I drove down to a book signing at Vignettes in San Diego and met author Fifi O’Neill. 
The Second Anniversary
saw us preparing to move out of our beloved house
and move into a 27′ travel trailer
with no slides, no extra room.

July came and went as we were busy showing
the house and trying to finish up packing
enough belongings from
28 years of marriage,
a four bedroom plus den 
complete with three car garage.
We were beyond busy!

A Valentine’s mantel ~ another favorite!
Moving to our Tiny Home
was a new challenge but we loved it for
the new life it provided
and we got our own private lake
after the summer and fall campers left
on Sunday afternoons!

The roses bloomed beautifully that last spring on Spinning Wheel!
Yoda loved going for two-mile walks each weekend.
The bird calls were peaceful ~ something we really needed.
Lake Skinner was the best thing that could
have happened to us during that awful time
Charles was out of work for two years.

We had a home with new scenery.
The lake was serene and when the campers
were gone from Sunday through Thursdays
that fall into spring
it was the best place we could have been
to console us.
It reminded me of my parents’ last home.
Lots of tears were shed but God
wasn’t done.
He knew we needed a break-away
from Murrieta
but a slow breaking away…

Our Coleman travel trailer over at Campground C, site 372 with a view of the moon rising over the mountains every night…
My birthday going into January 2016 and the new year.
I didn’t write for several months; I just couldn’t.
My heart was broken.
But, I realized pretty quickly that I had
a new opportunity to pull up my bootstraps
and get on with life
and that I still loved decorating
and sewing
and making crafts.
So, I did.

Second Impressions Antique Mall
Visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos
A Bridal Shower Tea
Then last summer, there was a wedding…
Peter and Justine with our daughter Amy on the far left in lavender.
And we were doing alright!
Hubby was still coaching and the school district
gave him an emergency credential to teach.
He made as much as I did, which was HUGE.
And, we had a lot less stress without the house
payment and all the utility bills.
And it was good.

Another photo from Magnolia Market at the Silos.

Fall came around again and it looked like 
we were going to be spending a second year
at The Lake.
We were looking forward to it
But God had other plans.

A whirlwind of internet phone interviews
and Hubby now had work in his usual line
of employment ~ and we were moving!
Out of state!
To Texas!
Longhorns, prairies, horses, wildflowers
and here we are.

Celebrating the end of Year Three
My life has kinda followed those scenes in
the movie Forrest Gump ~ where the feather
kinda floats through life.
Do you know it?
Exactly!  My life has been a lot like that.
Who knows what this fourth year will bring
but I know where I will be.
Right here, bringing you my best photographs,
and gardens, and some tea parties
and places to visit.

Blessings to you, always,
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A Belated 4th of July Patriotic Post and a Little History, too!

Happy Belated 4th of July
to you all!
Hubby and I spent a quiet day ~ well, mostly!

Well, there was a bit of a hiccup in yesterday’s
grilling and getting things done plans…
While out with Yoda at the park in the morning
he walked off the path to sniff and etc.
and got his paw stung!
{to say the least!}

So, we spent the rest of the morning at the vet’s office
our local Banfield Pet Hospital
and I was surprised to only get a bill for $11.
A number of years ago we picked up health insurance 
for Yoda even though we couldn’t get
health insurance for ourselves
{yes, it’s true ~ this was during the two years Hubby was unemployed
and underemployed.}
so yesterday’s surprise visit was covered
and mostly free!
That’s a woohoo in my book!

So the post I am sharing today that should have gone out yesterday… yah, never got finished to post in the morning.
It’s a random sampling of 
patriotic themed photos I’ve found everywhere here in Texas plus one photo from yesteryear of our sweet Amy and moi.
Here we are today
241 years later
a free and sovereign
The United States
of America!

Several of these photos are actually from when I was at the mall in Frisco, Texas 
close to Memorial Day.


These little Independence Day cupcakes I found 
this weekend 
in Sam’s Club’s bakery section.
And the nice thing about the 
day after any holiday?
Any leftovers in a bakery that are holiday themed?
They are usually on sale ~ so run on over
and grab a few for celebrating the rest of your 
4th of July holiday week!
TEMPTING GOODIES PATRIOTIC ~ our Statue of Liberty came from a French sculptor so
it’s appropriate that we include Americana-decorated mini cupcakes and French macaroons.
Also, too, since both of my children are grown 
and have moved from the nest
it doesn’t make much sense to bake a cake
that often as there is no one around to eat it
except me
and we can’t have that!

Patriotic Handbags

These handbags that I found at Dillard’s back at the beginning of the summer are super cute and totally perfect for celebrating the 4th the whole month of July and also for taking to the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
I have to confess I kind of have a bag fettish in that I have about 10 different large bags collected from different friends and family over the years.  We were also given a few shoulder bags from vendors
sharing their designs at Design Bloggers Conference this year and last year.  
My teacher also gave all of us aides bags for a present a year ago at the end of the school year.  That blue mess bag I chose, like this flag one above, squishes up small and fits easily into my suitcase.  
I used it when I flew to Cali in March for the conference.
Shoulder bags like these are so big that I easily packed the 
blue and white 
Independence Day china 
I’d found while thriftshopping one quick afternoon 
while I was there in our old hometown of 
Murrieta, California.

The Lego Americana Roadshow

Back also in March, I came across this traveling roadshow
of Lego buildings.  I decided to save them to share with you
for our
Independence Day
as they are so iconic of America’s beautiful architectural
and treasured historical buildings.
 They are perfect small-scale models of the actual
buildings themselves and Lego created new legos
to capture the spirit and architectural details
within each one.

Coming from a teaching background I had to snap some photos 
with my iPhone to send back to my former classroom 
sending them to 
my teacher and the other aides to share 
with the students there.

The Old North Church was the first of the 
historic buildings 
I encountered that afternoon.
The Old North Church {or Christ Church
as it was known in 1775} is where Revolutionary War patriots 
Paul Revere and William Dawes would look to see
if there were one or two lanterns hung in the belfry
signifying which way the British troops were coming,
“one if by land” ~ marching by way of Boston Neck, 
or “two if by sea” ~ the latter referring to
how the British would row across the Charles River
and into Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hopefully I have this written out correctly!
I know my mother would give me heck if I were
steering you wrong.
She took on a publishing house when I was in
7th grade to let them know that the
Battle of Bunker Hill
was really fought on Breed’s Hill, a smaller hill, 
which was next to and closer to Boston.
Years later now, the Smithonian’s information
proves that my mother was right.
You can read the Smithonian’s account
by clicking on the pink highlight above.

***The poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
“Paul Revere’s Ride”
contained some errors as to accuracy but is a testament
to the intent and spirit of the Sons of Liberty and 
our American Colonial ancestors’ wish for equal rights
and representation in British Parliament.
Barring that, then those Colonists wished for 
total independence
as a separate and sovereign country.
A final view of the White House.
Happy Belated 4th of July!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful
day and enjoyed the town fireworks
public reenactments and readings
wherever you were!
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Blessings to you,

Sunrises and Sunsets ~ A New Look for French Ethereal

Sunrise over the Tucalota hills, Riverside County, California
I’ve always love sunrises.
I tend to wake up with the sun and for years 
went for a run in the dawn’s earliest light.
These days, I go for early morning walks
as the knees and arches aren’t what they
once were.

With that and transitioning into 2017
I feel a need to change things up
so you’ll be seeing a few changes
over here with a new look.

First is the change in the logo.
Still the same “old girl”
just a new look.
A sunset for the former header
but it was time and
I am really love this new look!
How about you?

Please leave me a comment and
share your thoughts, would you? 
Thank you!

The header is a LITTLE BIG
at the moment.
Google Help hopefully will get back
to me soon with how to unlock 
the template program.
{it’s really locked up…}
After that I’ll play around
with a few more changes.

For nowenjoy the new logo
and enjoy every sunrise!
Happy Friday and weekend to you!
Blessings to you,
xoxo Barb 🙂


French Ethereal Recap ~ My Favorite Posts of 2016

1. Boxing Day Boating Adventure

Well, it’s pretty obvious that my favorite
posts are really ALL of them
{being the author of them, naturally}
However, that being said here are my 
Top 12 Favorite Posts for 2016.

I have really enjoyed sharing these places and stories with you!
The above photo and post shares a couple of hours out 
exploring nature at its finest!
Who would say no to this gorgeous guy?!
He was one of the park rangers at
Riverside County Park ~ Lake Skinner
and my instructor learning how to check people
into the park
{my weekend job for a year in 2015-2016}.
2. Living in Small Spaces

Creating a gorgeous home wherever you may live!
Kind of a theme throughout late 2015 and all of 2016,
it’s fun sharing these ethereal romantic tiny homes!
3. Burning Through Atlanta
Monsieur Rabbit Comes to Tea

I have two favorites from the 
month of March:
I shared about my three day trip to the
Design Bloggers Conference 
in early March 2016.
Soooo much to see and learn!
I hope to go again this year ~ it is in 
Beverly Hills, California
and is linked above.

And, here is Monsieur Rabbit sipping his tea and enjoying
a muffin or two
{or three!}…

4. Spring Blooms: Color Inspiration
Need I say more?  The pictures in the post share it all.
5. Bridal Shower Tea
Having our son and daughter~in~love’s wedding this year
really was inspiration!
6. White and Silver Daydreams
Daydreams and ethereal thoughts and reminiscings…
7. Shopping at Magnolia Farms!
Really called Magnolia Market at the Silos, I still think of Chip and Joanna Gaines’
beautiful marketplace here as the farm.
Find inspiration and some goodies you might want to buy!
Please also visit their website at:
Magnolia Market at the Silos

8. Antiquing at Second Impressions
All kinds of wonderful things can be found at
Second Impressions
like these door escutcheons and door knobs!
9. Jouyeaux Anniversaire
Sharing the love my mom and dad had…
10. Super Easy Fabric Pumpkins
This has a companion post in November sharing 
a whole bunch of pumpkins
made and given out to friends ~
A Little Toile de Jouy Table Styling.

11. An All~Hallows Eve Table Styling
A fun collection of photos shot in the evening’s twilight.
12. A Pink Christmas Tea Photoshoot
Finding this transferware was definitely my Christmas present
for the year!
Well, I hope you’ve liked this little tour 
through the year and please feel free to 
read at your leisure.
It has been my honor to write these up for you!

If you missed
Your Favorite Posts
for 2016 
please click on the above
and it’ll take you there.
Looking forward to sharing more
decorating, crafting and places
with you in 2017.
Blessings to you, always,
Barb 🙂

A Pink Transferware Christmas Photoshoot

Raindrops and roses
and snow covered mittens…

With a nice break in the arctic breezes
blowing across 
the midwest and down south lately
I took this opportunity to go outside 
and play…

On Monday I found a lovely set of pink transferware dishes
that I am grateful to have found at an antique store.
They are called the Constable Series by J. Broadhurst.
I think they are pretty plentiful and can easily be found 
online or in shops ~ they are quite beautiful to me and 
were exactly what I have been looking for.
{I’ll share more on where I found them and more about the china itself soon.}

On Tuesday, as Christmas music 
played quietly in the background,
I spent the morning baking my favorite
banana chocolate chip muffins
and washing up 
the remaining pieces
of this lovely transferware.
{that weren’t washed the moment I walked in the door the night before!}

I love what look to be morning glories
traveling around the edges of each piece!
Also making their way around 
each piece 
along the transferware’s border are:
stalks of wheat, blackberries on the vine,
acorns and oak leaves.

Sorry this is a little blurry… I took this up at the front counter as the young ladies were beginning to
wrap all of the pieces up!  This does give a better shot of the centers ~ because I haven’t done this yet. 🙂
Sorry it’s upside-down!
In the center of each piece, there is 
a lovely country scene.
The large serving plate sports moment in time 
at the end of a long day gathering in the hay:
Two boys are inside the hay wagon
{probably supposed to be stacking the hay but goofing off!}
while their father walks upfront 
with the horses as they head home.
Their trusty dog is waiting nearby
for the wagon to pass and their 
home and barn 
are in the background to the left
with beautiful tall trees 
near the house.
Everything in this scene just speaks
to the heart about 
harvest and home!

This is a married set of transferware so some pieces
 have a different scene ~ so wonderful!
A few of the other pieces have a
fishing scene on them.
Men are pulling in a fishing net 
chock-full of the
day’s fish catch
using horse-power to pull the 
heavy net ashore.
Lovely, ethereal!

I like how even the pieces I had
collected before
{the Christmas mugs from HomeGoods}
all play well together.
Sooo pretty!

I posted this photo out on Instagram a while back ~ these cinnamon chip scones are good, too!

I have a photo to share with the recipe for 
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
it is refusing to transfer 
from my phone
Here is the recipe anyway with a 
different {but close!} photograph.
I think I’ve shared this recipe before but 
I couldn’t find the post
to link to
It’s a good one 
to reshare and it’s perfect for baking 
during this wintery time of year!
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
The Muffin Cookbook ~ Muffins for All Occasions
Beekman House, Crown Publishers
ISBN 0-517-69334-8

2 extra ripe med. bananas                    2 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
2 eggs                                                   2 tsp. baking powder
1 c. packed brown sugar                      1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 cup butter, melted                          1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla                                        1 c. chocolate chips
                                                             1/2 c. chopped walnuts

Puree bananas in blender. In medium blow, beat pureed bananas, eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla until well blended.  In large bowl, combine flour, baking poweder, cinnamon and salt.  Stir in chocolate chips and nuts.  Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.  Pour in banana mixture.  Mix until just blended. Spoon into well greased large 2 1/2″ muffin cups.  Bake in 350 degree oven 25 to 30 minutes.  Remove from pan.  Makes 12 muffins. 

My adaptations:  Use any nuts you like ~ today I used chopped pecans.  I also mix dark chocolate chips with regular milk choc. chips as I like the dark flavoring!

If using mini muffin pan  ~  cook 15 minutes
If using medium muffin pans ~ cook 20 min.
 The hills are alive…
Well, sweet, soft pink china is anyway…

A happy addition to my collection and this
transferware will be featuring in many more 
posts to come.
Definitely music to my ears!
Blessings to you and enjoy this recipe

As always, feel free to share!
Also, if you’d like to receive notice of when I post
please sign up on the sidebar to the right, thank you. 

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Places to Visit ~ The California RV Show in Pomona

As we came in the entrance to the show, we found these cuties!  Not sure if these are vintage or retro but Super Cute!!!
This past Monday my hubby and I 
took a date~day off from work for our anniversary and 
went to check out all the new RVs 
up at the 
California RV show 
at the 
Pomona Fair Grounds. 

Perfect little caravans for a weekend getaway!  We actually see tiny RVs from time to time at The Lake.

 A little over 1 1/2 hours away from our little home
in the Temecula Wine Country, happily not too much traffic was in our path
to get to the California RV show.

Fall was definitely part of the overall theme of the show and 
we were excited to see so many brands of travel trailers, 
fifth~wheels and motor homes represented at this year’s show! 
Hubby and I covered the entire field of some 
one million square feet of RVs during our seven hours 
walking in and out of fifth wheels and coaches.

This is the Keystone Montana 3811 that we are considering.  Gorgeous on the outside and incredible on the inside!

We headed to the area where the
Keystone Montana
fifth wheel RVs were
and began looking at this year’s models from
all the different vendors

New features this year on the Keystone Montanas:  side~by~side three burner cooktop and a larger oven below.
I thought about writing down a log for each photograph 
a little too late or I’d be able to tell you which RV 
a certain photograph was taken in by model number.
So, next show I’ll do that for you!

A new feature I especially like on the 2017 Montanas is the new 
style of range cooktop ~ more like a conventional gas range for the home.
This side~by~side burner arrangement is 
much more practical 
than the standard three~burner RV range which has a 
large burner in the front and two smaller burners to the rear
on the left and right 
{think set up like bowling pins}.
Having lived in our Tiny Home trailer for over a year now
I can tell you that having a range more in line with what I had
at our Big House would make full-time living much easier!
The addition of a deeper oven {a second new feature} 
means having the ability to cook 
a larger range of meals, too.
I personally like to bake whole chickens and make
many varieties of muffins so having a deeper oven which 
won’t burn my baked creations is a Big Deal!
I almost forgot! The convection microwave oven
in this year’s Montana series is full~size.
Something to know about working in a kitchen
in an RV ~ your range cooktops and ovens
run on propane
your RV refrigerator will, too, if you have a
power outage or are traveling on the road.
Something you may NOT know about if you are new to RVs.

Here’s one of the onboard restrooms with a full~size shower
and a larger sink
{something I am really looking forward to having!}.

This model has good his~and~her closet space for 
hanging clothes as well as a goodly number of drawers
to store all your clothing
whether as a full~time RVer
or for that weekend getaway.
This unit has a separate closet for a stackable washer and dryer.
Over~bed storage and underbed storage are also good features
in most of the RVs we toured.
There’s even a Montana that has a full~size bathtub, two lavatories
and a separate shower {seen just off to the far left}!
Now THIS is luxury living!

Anyway, I knew this post was going to be long
but I wanted to give you a good overview
of the RV show
in case you’d like to head to the show
this weekend there at the Pomona Fair Grounds.
I’ve included a link in the bolded
wording up at the top of this post
which will take you to the
RVIA’s 64th Annual California RV Show website.
Next post I’ll share which one we are looking at
and its features, plus share some other fifth wheels and motorhomes
 that we found which were beautiful and had good features, too!
Happy Friday to you!
Let me know if you enjoyed this post.
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I have some other exciting news
but will share it as it develops…
Blessings to you, and have
a great weekend!
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Possibilities and Crossroads…

Love this! ~ Highland Ridge RVs have “wallpaper” stamped with mini “chandeliers!”

~ Possibilities ~
Yesterday sparked a new adventure
for my family and today
I’d like to share a little of that adventure…

Murrieta Hot Springs and Hancock ~ looking towards the coastal mountains

Crossroads… Like this photograph above
Do I turn left?
Do I turn right?
I can’t continue going blindly forward;
I need a plan…

A little wilderness area down at one of Murrieta’s parks, early fall 2014

Part of the New Plan
My hubby and I 
looking at larger living quarters and the possibilities
are good that sometime within a year
we should have a larger RV to live in until 
life changes again with job changes
and such.

This is our current trailer ~ all 27’4″ of it! We have squeezed into it as best as we can. 😉
I personally need a bigger living space!
Living in 50 square feet of space, if that, 
inside our current “tiny house”
just. isn’t. enough.
 … for me.

Hubby is happy living anywhere at all
and doesn’t mind 
this transition or lack of square footage 
at all.

When I’ve taken time off from writing 
here in this here little ole blog,
{which is supposed to be about decorating 
and living in a beautiful home}…
When I’m really, really silent
for a long time…
it’s. because. I. can’t. write.

Like putting periods at the end of each word 
for emphasis.
Those same periods are blocking me from
Getting work and photography done.

Life isn’t all roses and rosey…
I do get depressed about what has happened
and make no bones about it,
some days are just

most of the time I’m alright.

The Future ~ 
We are really hoping to be able to purchase 
“bigger tiny house” over this next year.

We are looking…

Beautiful bathrooms come standard with sinks where one can bend down to wash~up and
brush one’s teeth, residential taps on all faucets making an RV a “home away from home.”

I’ve personally lived in 34 different 
houses and apartments over the years first as a military brat, 
during college, then later as a military wife,
and now for the past 9 months in this trailer.
We are making it work though
cooking is quite a challenge!
It’s just another change
and mostly… I’m okay with change.

I still get to talk with birds and put out birdseed,
{our transient neighbors might think me a little weird}
I’m trying to make “a go” of this little garden
even with squirrels, rabbits and other rodents
munching away on every last, tasty, soft morsel
and leaf!

It’s important to Know Oneself
I know what I need to keep me sane and feeling whole.

So, Hubby and
are actively looking at fifth-wheels
and have found some great options!

This one I’m sharing today is from Highland Ridge.

Always check out the overhead lighting in the sleeping area! So important when
one person wants to sleep and the other likes reading in bed.
I like the bedrooms that are more like a “real bedroom” 
with space around the bed to actually make it.
{one of my pet peeves here!}
If that’s important to you like it is to me,
then you’ll agree that it’s a
“must have.”

Our shelving unit now in the “Tiny Home” is just visible to the left of the sewing table.

My other “must have”
More Closet Space!
You would laugh if you saw my old craft room
rack as our current “closet.”
It works, it is functional and it is a light oak 
that is open and airy~feeling but you’d still laugh
that to make the bed takes over a 
half~hour each time
wears one out with the making of it.
I laugh over thisour craft room which was 10′ x 10′
was bigger than inside our “tiny home…”

We are liking the t.v./fireplace areas available in mid-range fifth-wheel RVs.
We are shopping used and new and
comparing brands, price~points, and
“what our absolute needs are”
~ vs~
“what can we live without.”

Good cupboard space and a pots and pans drawer under the range.

I’m loving the china cabinet so I could bring some real dishes!

So the New Plan is in the works! 
The Next Part goes with my whole wanting to take
French Ethereal to the next level…

But more about that next time!
Blessings to you,
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coming up! Thank you!!

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Style Teachers ~ Meet Sandy and her Style!

Sandy in the cute home she shares with her husband and tuxedo cat Guido!

Sandy is a great friend
and the best cook and baker I know!
So, when she had a 
Valentine’s Tea…

I was ever happy
to come to her ethereal home as I love her decorating style!
She loves Shabby Chic, Victorian, lots of florals
and china with violets or any purplish flower transferred onto
their pretty edges and sides.

Every tea Sandy has is different ~ she NEVER serves the same thing twice!
This is a talent of God, I am sure, and not one that I really have.
She keeps a diary of the different sandwiches, sweets and savories
and desserts she has shared with all of her friends
through the years,
I am always amazed that she hasn’t really duplicated a meal!
She might remake a favorite sandwich but only because
one of us requested it!

taken with my old iPhone 4
Sandy loves purple in all its shades and her guest bathroom
just embodies her Victorian tastes and 
her love of the hue so perfectly!
Sandy knows how to “do Victorian Chic!”
Her former home had a living~dining room whose walls 
were painted
all one shade of lavender, 
with a twist!
Paint tip: She used a paint roller as the “width” of her stripes
then taped~off every other one and used a clear glaze overtop
creating “another color” but really just the same color.
She did this LONG before it became popular
I was sooo in love with those walls!
(when I find my tea photo albums again, I’ll photograph a copy of those walls)

loved this little basket of “fingertip towel roses”

Decorating Tip:
Fingertip Towel Rose ~ tutorial

So easy to create!
* Just fold your washcloths and hand towels in half lengthwise
(you can also fold them into thirds)
* Begin rolling from the end with the tag on it
(if you don’t cut them off; hide any raggedy ends)
* Roll slightly off-center creating “the rose”
* Arrange in your prettiest basket, on a tea tray, 
whatever lovely container you can come up with!

Sandy is one of the original members of the
Victorian Tea Society
and has held various positions on the board.
She is most notably known for hostessing the yearly
Christmas and Spring Teas.
She bakes thousands of scones and lovingly helps set the tables
for each of the attendees.

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no Law. ~ Galatians 5:22-23

Our table set for tea ~ in the foyer between the kitchen/sitting areas
and the covered patio
We weren’t in her new dining room today, but isn’t it lovely?!
This was her “staging area” for today’s tea.

Sandy’s parlour

I have known Sandy through 

two houses~worth and 17 years (I think!) of time now.
We’ve watched each others children grow up and get married,
we’ve shared a lot of tears and our frustrations
{Funny, the VTS started off that one was NEVER to talk
about anything political, controversial (hah!) or sad (my description)
and of course it evolved into “real life!”}
our love of tea, friendship, decorating, shopping together, loving the same
things and decorating magazines!
And, great friends take care of each other…
Sandy has most of my plants.
The ones you see lately in this blog are all new.
Only the inside violet that lives in the bathroom came
with me to our
“tiny home.”
Sandy opening a little gift from Gloria, seated.

Sandy’s super cute patio with her writing/sewing desk and a daybed for
when one of her two “boys” comes home to visit!

This is Sandy’s shelf that I copied a pattern off of in 1999
to make one for myself.  She recently painted hers white and it is a vintage
piece with “true” 1/4″ thickness of wood (not like today’s 5/8″ pieces).

So as a style teacher,
Sandy has taught me sooo much about being a good hostess,
throwing a fun party and serving delicious dishes
that inspire others to cook!
A true friend with an incredible gift of sharing and 
cooking from the heart, indeed…

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Thank you and have a blessed day!
Keep cooking, my friends!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to see Sandy.

May the Lord 
richly bless you always,