School Supplies to Send into Class This Fall ~ $10 on the 10th

Elementary School Essentials Back to School Supplies Bundle- Grades 1-4

Welcome to this month’s $10 on the 10th, friends! As we head into late summer, children are just heading back to school. This month’s theme is all about School Supplies and what you can send in with your children and grandchildren to their classrooms this year…

Teachers love it when parents send in school supplies at the beginning of the school year and then refresh the classroom again for the second semester in January. At my old school in California, my teacher would write a list of needed things and have it up on the white board for Back to School Night each year.

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It was a great way to get ahead of the fall and winter colds and have some sanitizing wipes on-hand for the winter sick season. (And this was waaaaay before Covid!)

Before we get any further, I’d like to thank Tammy of Patina and Paint for hosting again this month. I have to apologize to you, too, for not having this post up for you this morning; time got away from me with the beginning of school, and some other things, and I just forgot to hit “publish.”

So it’s getting out this evening instead. 😉

“Meet the Teacher Day” at our school today!

10 Supplies to send to school

So here are my favorite “send into class” ideas for your child or grandchild to take into their classroom(s) this school year. None of these cost more than $10 each, even in bulk:

  1. Tissues or Kleenex ~ I cannot emphasize how quickly a classroom goes through a box of Kleenex during the late fall and wintertime! Thank the Lord for all the parents who send in bulk tissues!!

2. Sanitizer bottles and wipes ~ This is such a necessity now with Covid added into the mix of illnesses going through the school rooms each school year.

3. Snacks ~ Teachers all need extra snacks for those students who forgot to eat at home that morning, for those students who don’t like what’s on the menu at school, and for those children who are just hungry everyday. There’s a real need…

4. Art supplies ~ Teachers are always appreciative to receive watercolor paint palettes, craft sticks, Q-Tips, beads and other supplies to use during Art time.

5. Colored Construction Paper ~ Fall and winter are the seasons when construction paper is used the most. Children really enjoy making those seasonal pumpkins, holiday wreaths and drawings and projects to bring home for their families!

6. Tissue Paper ~ Colored tissue paper is wonderful for all kinds of fine motor skills (using scissors to learn how to cut out things) and for making squares to twirl around pencils creating 3-D pictures! So many good uses in the classroom…

7. Bulletin Board Borders ~ As I was helping staple some borders around cloth on our small bulletin boards this week, I realized that it would be nice to have some new borders to consider putting up! These are easily found at any local Target, Walmart or special school supply store (like Mardels or even Hobby Lobby).

8. Baggies ~ Gallon, Quart and Sandwich-size Ziploc-style baggies are wonderful for holding student supplies in their desks. Teachers in elementary schools use the gallon-size baggies to hold reading booklets for students to read aloud in guided practice each day. Baggies are perfect for holding changes of clothes for any student with those needs sometimes, and baggies are good during the holidays, too.

9. House Plants ~ As an aside, it’s really nice to send in a small present for the teacher and the whole class learns how to care for plants by getting to water the teacher’s plants. It’s quite an honor and responsibility to be chosen for this duty each week!

10. Cloth or Paper Face Masks ~ With the current U.S. mandates really encouraging everyone to wear face masks again, even if we are vaccinated. At school, it is even more of a necessity as so many children don’t even have the choice to get the vaccine yet. Many children come off the bus without a mask and schools just don’t always have enough to keep giving them out. Thank you for sending these in especially!!!

If you are sending in any supplies to your children’s or grandchildren’s classrooms this year, from all of the teachers: “Thank you!!!” 💜

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