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Create a Simple Patriotic Vignette in Under 5 Minutes

Welcome, friends, to this month’s Patriotic Decor Pinterest Challenge! I’ve created a very simple vignette easily put together in under 5 minutes of which you can recreate!

If you are just coming over from Julie at My Wee Abode, welcome! Didn’t you just love the soft red, blue & white homemade flags Julie made? Adorable!!!

Our hostess Cindy from County Road 407 has chosen the perfect photo from Liz Marie and her blog for us to take inspiration…


What inspired me

I love Liz’s wrapped wine jugs!!! As a teenager, I had one given to me by my parents which I loved to burn candles in using it as a candleholder, but I don’t have any currently.

Mainly, I was inspired by the American flags tucked into each jug and those I do have! πŸ™‚ Mr. Ethereal has been redoing how we store things in the garage, and unfortunately, I came across only one little flag.

I was also inspired by the group of three jugs but four flags.


My patriotic vignette thought process

Not having any jugs, I thought about using lanterns instead, however, what I did have didn’t all go together. You can see the one grey woven one up on the mantel in the background here above. This would have been a perfect replacement shape for a jug…

Barring that, I chose three statuettes to replace the jugs. Pearls on the large statue add their subtle lustrous white along with the the creamy white of the blue ticking napkin added as a ground for the grouping. The little statues bring in their red, white and blue, pulling this patriotic theme together.

Even though the statues are of varying sizes, the two Japanese American patriotic figurines scream Americana and are perfect in any patriotic decor! I found these last summer and they are post-WWII pieces made in Occupied Japan. My guess is they were made during the recovery phase after the war when the United States helped Japan get back on its feet with rebuilding the country.

I found an article online which might interest you about the United States helping with Japan’s economic recovery and this quote is from it:

After World War II, the United States also understood the strategic importance of using foreign assistance and other tools to aid and rebuild post-war Japan. Between 1946 and 1952, Washington invested $2.2 billion β€” or $18 billion in real 21st-century dollars adjusted for inflation β€” in Japan’s reconstruction effort. 

US News & World Report

Next, I needed something to hold a flag since neither of the figurines has a vase attached. I chose a small milk bottle found at Magnolia Market a few years ago to hold our Stars & Stripes! The dried pinkish-red gomphrena are an added bonus and were already in place.


Adding a white candle in its glass vase brings in more of the white in our red, white & blue theme, while adding my favorite maiden statue gives the height needed as a replacement for which the three wine jugs had in the inspiration piece.

And that’s my patriotic vignette which was literally pulled together in 5 quick minutes! I hope this has inspired you to look around your home for items that you can round up to create a patriotic tableau for your upcoming 4th of July holiday table.

Next we have Laura from Everyday Edits sharing her American Flag door basket. I know you will love it as much as I do! As always, thank you to Cindy for creating our monthly challenge!! Enjoy visiting the other 13 friends on today’s Pinterest Challenge tour!!! Thirteen friends, thirteen colonies… You gotta love the Americana theme!!! πŸ˜‰

Enjoy this patriotic tour, friends,

Barb πŸ™‚

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33 thoughts on “Create a Simple Patriotic Vignette in Under 5 Minutes”

  1. HI Barb, love the finds and the history behind the figurines! Nice way to add them to the vignette! great job! laura

  2. Your patriotic figurines are so cute! What a great addition to your vignette! Sometimes simple is best!

    1. Hi NIky! This was fun, as always!! I have been feeling really patriotic all summer and have been enjoying decorating in RWB. Not my usual pinks and pastels. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your 4th of July!!!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! This was fun to put together, and really, so fast!!!! Took longer to write about it, lol! πŸ˜‰ Hope you are having a great week and getting ready for the 4th!!!! Hugs!!!!

  3. I love how this turned out! Those figurines are a treasure. Enjoy the fun and beautiful vignette. Seems like a good amount of decorating to me. And you know I love easy! Thanks for joining in. pinned

  4. Your figurines are so sweet! I used to have a collection that belonged to my grandmother but ended up giving them away. Seeing yours brings back sweet memories!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I was really surprised when I found them last summer at a local antique store. Good find!! Glad you got your MV/GA fixed. Saw that message! πŸ’•

  5. Barb, those figurines are really something special, both from an historical and a decorative perspective. They add a very colorful and unique touch to any 4th of July vignette. Thanks for sharing that bit of history. Happy 4th.

    1. Carol, I’m just seeing your reply. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I’m really glad these little figurines came my way. Charles and I really enjoy history and I watch all the war movies, read a lot about different wars, and now there is so much on YouTube… Its a great time to learn! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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