A Hopping Good Spring Mantel Display…

Happy almost spring, friends! (Or should I say Hoppy Spring?? Hee hee!) Today I am joining Terrie of Decorate and More With Tip and Cindy from The Crowned Goat in sharing a new blog hop called Seasonal Inspiration. This time Spring Mantels are on repeat for you!…

Welcome to everyone coming over from Rachel over at Junk to Gems! I love the pretty spring display Rachel has put together. 🙂

I have been having a lot of fun creating new mantel vignettes every couple of weeks over here since fall and this latest mantel styling you could just see in this week’s Spring Sofa Table post.

Our Spring Mantel

This spring display is a little more twee than the sofa table vignette, which was much more sophisticated. However, since I have a love of both styles, my mantel is lightheartedly decorated with coconut hair rabbits and a cute French script one I found down in Austin a couple of years ago. It was natural for me when I looked in my spring box to pull all the rabbits out this year for spring decor!

The branches in the Ball jar I cut off our large pear tree outfront a week ago and they are just beginning to bloom. I am really excited about them as I have never forced branches before!

Our fruitless pear tree out front was gorgeous last spring with all its white blossoms gently falling down and scattering on the ground below ~ like petals of snow…

I can’t remember if our pear tree bloomed right when we were moving in during 2019, or if we missed it (or I missed it because I was too busy unpacking), but it is very pretty! The tree had a huge branch fall off just about a month or two after we moved in, and Mr. Ethereal and a neighbor took an ax and chainsaw to it.

Since it isn’t quite ready to bloom yet this year, winter is the perfect time for me to get out there and work on thinning out the tree’s branches. A lot should have been pruned off a long time ago. It needs a bunch more cut off for its overall health, but now it is waking up…

But back to our mantel and its springtime display!

Creating this fun spring mantel was just a matter of removing a few pieces from the mantel look I had up just before. I added in two hurricane lamps and a couple of small tea light holders for ambiance in the evenings.

The vintage tinted lithograph in its green chalk-painted frame is now hanging on the wall between the fireplace and the quarter-round display cabinet.

Many of the moss balls have moved off to the DVD cabinet/bookcase to the left, and the vintage Limoges plates are back stacked tidily in the kitchen cupboards!

And the mid-size frame is getting a new piece inside it very soon… But that is for another crafting day!

Today is all about these cute rabbits… And this bunny is “taking tea!” ;)’

Here are the links to my friends on today’s tour… Next up is Cindy of Cloches and Lavender and I know you will love her spring ideas!!!



Happy almost spring!

Barb 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Hopping Good Spring Mantel Display…”

    1. Thank you, Jeanie! I am trying to get into spring. Last week’s crazy snows obliterating all my pansies and some of my plants (I have an exploded rose, even… Soooo bummed!), I am a bit disheartened to get outside and replant. But, we will soldier on!!! Glad you enjoyed our spring mantel. 🙂

      Hope springtime arrives up your way soon,
      Barb 🙂

  1. Hi Barb, It’s Corine from Junk to Gems. Your mantel is styled perfectly. I love forcing branches too. Its a little early here in Michigan to do that yet but in another month I’ll be forcing my Forsythias. Cant wait to see your pear blooms!.

  2. Barbara I love all of your bunnies. I have never forced branches either but I have to admit to being quite intrigued by the thought of doing so. I am going to have to look it up! Also, that lithograph is fabulous. I found one of three young girls a few years ago and had copies made for my two sisters…. it reminded me of us! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Spring decor. Our temps this week certainly feel like Spring. Much better than last week.

    1. Way better, huh?! That’s neat that you were able to copy the lithograph you found for your sisters… A really neat gift!!! Thank you for your sweet thoughts and I’m glad you enjoyed my spring mantel display.

      Enjoy the good weather,
      Barb 🙂

  3. Such a fun way to ease into Spring, Barb! I love all the sweet touches you’ve added with the bunnies and branches. They’re fabulous. I’ve never forced branches before but I’ve always wanted to try. Hugs and hoppy spring, CoCo

    1. Hoppy spring to you, too, CoCo! This was fun creating this mantel display for the hop. Looking forward to creating more spring decor! Do try and force some brances. I did nothing more than keep reclipping the stem ends and changing the water and adding some of the packet “food” leftover from bouquets we pick up at the grocery store. 🙂

      Happy almost spring to you,
      Barb 🙂

  4. I have seen so many force branches but never have done it myself. Maybe because the snow lingers and the cold for so long I forget. By the time it warms up I want to be outdoors.

    Love your bunnies and those beautiful dishes you used. What a pretty lithograph you found too.

    Today we are hitting 50 which is so rare. It’s going melt all the snow staring at me .


    1. I hope your snow does melt, Cindy!!! By the end of last week, I don’t know how my son and DIL and everyone up North and East do it… I mean live with snow for MONTHS at a time. I don’t think I’d make it! Too used to 300+ days of sun from all the years in Hawaii and California and now Texas, lol!!!

      Glad you enjoyed my post,
      Barb 🙂

  5. I love your spring mantel! Everything is so pretty and just perfect for transitioning into the new season. The pear tree branches are beautiful!

  6. Barbara, you’ve included so many sweet and spring-y elements. It all comes together for such a fresh and beautiful vibe!


    Niky @ The House on Silverado
    PS. I’d love it if you’d share this at my link party, Sundays on Silverado, which is open now. 🌷

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