Welcome in 2021 with a New Year’s Eve Pizza Party!

Happy (almost) New Year’s!, friends!! Christmas is still a few weeks away and I am happily reading the Nativity story and making my way through the Book of Luke. However, New Year’s Eve is coming soon so let’s look at a fun party idea for you to steal and make your own…

My inspiration began with finding these fun black and gold New Year’s paper plates and napkins at our local Winco grocery store. I already had an Italian theme going on on this counter by our cooktop in the kitchen. I’ve been leaving the olive and avocado oils out on the counter since they look festive and are very functional. When I was setting everything out for the photo shoot, the idea for making pizzas for New Year’s came to mind!

We cook pizzas at least 3 times a month or order-in one from our local pizza parlor so this seemed a perfect idea for a pizza party!!!

Total Cost

I had everything here already except the paper products and they cost about $3.00 each, so for about $7.00 with tax… Not too bad for staying in our $10 budget (this post was to be this month’s $10 on the 10th). 🙂

Right now you can find holiday paper products readily at the dollar store or your grocery, which I really enjoy using even when it is just Mr. Ethereal and myself. I’ve been picking up paper plates for every season lately; they are very convenient to use and break down in the landfill easily plus they look festive!

For this vignette, I brought out our wooden pizza peal then the raised wood charcuterie board. I wanted to go with a wood theme as I already had the cutting boards propped up with the Italian ceramic hot plate (behind the olive oil and cracked pepper). The charcuterie wood cut is the same board I used in my hot chocolate bar last year and I love it for its size and rough bark edge! I found it at HomeGoods for about $12.00 last fall.


Getting back on topic, a New Year’s Eve party is really easy to set up this way with just a few glasses and some “bubbly.” We had these two sparkling wines on hand and they are perfect anymore for celebrating with company ~ no chance of a DUI.

Making personal size pizzas out on the gas-fired grill is fun for everyone as they can toss their own crust, then add on the tomato sauce, cheeses and whatever toppings they’d like. Here is our gas-fired grill… :)’

I think we still ate it. 😉 It is an Ooni Koda 16″ grill and it get HOT! Up to 875 F but you want to let it cool down to around 550 and keep turning the dough with a turning peel (not shown).

This poor burnt pizza was our first attempt to cook a pizza when we got our Ooni oven in August! Mr. Ethereal got much better at cooking them. I am terrible! I can’t turn them well with the peal… so he is our chef. We have wanted a backyard pizza oven since our kids were little and in soccer. One family had our son’s team over for pizzas as an end-of-season party and we were hooked!

from my Instagram

Pizza parties with toppings and cheese set out in small bowls and dough all rolled out and tossed make it easy for party-goers to make their personal pizza. For your next party or this NYE, why not invite your guests over to thrown their own?!

That’s it for me this time, friends!

I hope you have enjoyed my easy idea for hosting a New Year’s party! Even if it is just with family, like this Covid-19 year, celebrating life is a good thing…

Here’s to 2021!


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