Put Together a Fun Christmas Crate in 10 minutes

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I’ve been busy this past weekend hanging up a few Christmas wreaths around the house and putting together a little crate display for you all. It was to be part of this month’s Pinterest Challenge with Cindy of County Road 407 and the gang, which was to feature everything crates decorated for Christmas, but… I missed the deadline.

But I thought about it, and… I decided to play along anyway! So, here is my Christmas crate all decked out with a Santa Woof-and-Poof and his helpers ~ a gingerbread man card holder and Ruddy the Reindeer.

Cindy picked a photo from Grace of The Grace House who created a sweet Christmas display a few years ago using a Magnolia Market crate. In it she added some pine boughs, white fir clippings and pretty red berry picks surrounding two carved wood trees.

I love the simplicity of the look! The greenery and berries really pop against all the neutrals of the wooden trees and the grey washed crate.

For my crate, I went digging around in our garage for a wine crate my father-in-law brought home from his job with Sam’s Club. He was a sample server for several years and he would bring home these wonderful wine crates! When we were back at my inlaws’ home this past summer, we brought a few back to our home. They are perfect for extra storage and for decorating.

How I put this Christmas crate together

Because this crate is pretty deep, I added flat styrofoam underneath everything to raise them above the top of the crate’s edge. Underneath the Gingerbread Man, I set a small wooden drawer for him to sit on and to prop his feet up. Over that hidden box, I draped a white and black checked napkin to bring in a country farmhouse look.

Around the Santa and the reindeer, to help hide the styrofoam and a packing pillow behind the rosemary, I added in a couple of tartan checked napkins.

The tartan napkins, the rosemary’s pot, and the soft sculptures add in their bright red pops of color just like the berries in Grace’s Christmas crate. The rosemary “Christmas tree” here is my take on the wooden trees in the inspiration photo.

I had so much fun making my crate that I decided to put in a whole vignette!

So here is our Christmas crate hanging out on the back porch in our wintery holiday display!

I picked up two dwarf Alberta spruce to plant out in the sideyard and the red bow now hanging on the outdoor light came off of one of those. The second is hanging behind me from this photo on the opposite light fixture.

And here is one wreath gracing our kitchen door… More to come!

One last look… Enjoy the holiday season!!!

If you’d like to visit this month’s Pinterest Challenge, please visit Cindy at the link at the top of the post. Everyone’s posts look wonderful!

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