A Fall Roses and Pumpkins Tablescape Redux


Several years ago  when my blog was still brand new, I wrote a post called Playing with Light ~ A Fall Placesetting. The light was beautiful coming in the western-facing front window, spilling into the living and dining rooms. We had an 8′ sliding door with a long rectangular transom window above that in the dining area so the whole room was filled with light. It was the perfect place to be at dinner time…

I miss the play of light we had in that house but I am slowly falling in love with this new home. So, in honor of French Ethereal’s 6th anniversary (which really was in July), I thought I’d recreate this pretty placesetting since Mr. Ethereal sent us red and white roses for our anniversary this past weekend.

Of course it is not quite the same tablescape but a fun interpretation of it! The red and white roses are tea roses from a nursery and the roses in the original inspiration photo were English roses from our own backyard bushes, but none the less lovely.

I used the same white dinner plates that came from Marshalls (I think) and pulled out similar teacups. I thought it would be nice to bring out the pretty pheasant and bear transferware salad/dessert plates I found a couple of years ago at Cracker Barrel restaurant here in Denton, Texas.

I used the same blue Bell jars and wrapped them with jute twine just like in the original photograph. I also found the soft velvet brown pumpkin and brought it back along with some real Baby Boo pumpkins. 

I used to have a square Shabby Chic tablecloth with ruffles but either I loaned it to one of the ladies in our tea group or perhaps it wasn’t mine and one left it at my home. I may have shot the original using her tablecloth and then given it back. 💝

So I pulled out the one I still have meant for several leaves in the table and canted it across the table similar to what I had done then. I love the draping effect! How about you?

I haven’t really decorated the buffet for fall yet but you can see the beginnings of that behind the table. I might toss up some artwork on the main wall, too, since I found the old farmhouse painting I’d bought back when we were first married and Mr. Ethereal was Captain Chapman. 

I love the light coming in through the French door and window!
It’s amazing how the light changes so quickly this time of year in the span of just a few minutes… I had to really lighten up some of these photographs since my eye was seeing everything lighter than the camera was picking up. 

So the lighting may not be exactly this anymore… 

But it is just as beautiful in its own Texas way…

How are you enjoying your fall this year? Hopefully you are enjoying it immensely!

Big Texas hugs,

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