10 Fall Decorating Ideas Under $10 ~ 10 on the 10th

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th where a group of friends gets together and shares their decorating and craft ideas for under $10. Our theme this month is all about fall and I am sharing some fall decorating ideas from past posts today. Let’s jump in, shall we?…

I’d like to thank our hosts Ann of Apple Street Cottage and Terrie of Decorate and More With Tip for gathering all of us together for this fun event! There are some great fall ideas linked up. Those posts are linked for you below.

1. Set a pretty fall tablescape with velvet pumpkins and faux candied fruits. These cuties were bargain finds at 60-70% clearance after fall and the jeweled fruits were a gift from a friend ~ well under $10.

Blue and white plates always looks nice with any decorating theme but go surprisingly well with fall decor. Here I’ve used jewel tones with blue and white for a warm romantic look.

2. Add a pumpkin bouquet carved out of a styrofoam pumpkin or a real pumpkin to your fall table ~ perfect for any fall birthdays, weddings and harvest parties! Styrofoam pumpkin ~ $7.00.

I made a video if you’d like to check it out, too.  

3. Make some pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins mixed with chocolate chips ~ Yum!!! Serve with hot tea out on the patio on a warm fall afternoon… Enjoy those last warm days of autumn whiling away the hours with friends…

4. Visit an apple orchard and pumpkin farm for some good old fashioned fun harvesting savory fruits to stock your pantry for fall. Many orchards also grow pumpkins and host hayrides and many sell crafts and food. Call ahead to see what your local apple orchards are providing this year.

5. Plant fall color to your gardens bringing in some much needed color after summer’s flowers are spent. Mums and other fall favorites come in a variety of glorious colors ~ perfect for tucking into pots and flower beds here in there in the garden.  

6. Make soft sculpture pumpkins out of velvet and other fabrics to decorate your home. This tutorial shares the scoop on making these cuties. One yard of stretchy velveteen costs about $3.99.

7. Add ethereal candlelight to your mantel for an early warm fall look. Sometimes we aren’t quite ready for all the oranges of fall so why not go with soft pinks and greens of roses and hydrangea blooms? A hint of those warmer fall colors can be tucked into a few tealights instead.

8. Decorate outdoor and indoor statues for fall by making head wreaths out of nature’s bounty and craft store faux blooms. Easy to create with a little hot glue and wire, wreaths add panache to garden statues!

9. Host a fall tea for family and friends and bring out your prettiest teacups and tableware decorated with seasonal yellows, pale tangerines and soft pinks. Add in Baby Boo pumpkins and a bouquet of roses from the garden or market to complete your table.

10. Rake leaves and jump in! Remember that the changing seasons should always be a source of renewal for us. And what could be more fun than reliving our childhood than by jumping in a big pile of leaves?! 

Total cost?? Free!!! Happiness… priceless!


Thanks for stopping by today and check out the links below to see everyone’s fall ideas. 

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14 thoughts on “10 Fall Decorating Ideas Under $10 ~ 10 on the 10th”

  1. Barb what great ideas you shared today. We haven't went to an apple farm in such a long time. Since we have a little one now in the family I will be sure to make the family head to one. I want to make sure I give her the first pumpkin. ha! Love all your ideas.

  2. Me, too! I worked at an apple tree farm for three or four years over Christmas back in my late teen and early 20's and we had THE BEST apple pies!!! Miss those fun days…Happy fall to you,Barb 🙂

  3. Here in Texas we get waaaaaay more fall than we ever did in Southern California, unless we went up into the Big Bear mountains and a place called Apple Valley (which just had a big fire sweep through there, so it may be not so good now… sadly…). The apple farm I went with my son and is wife and my hubby three years ago was great!Happy fall to you,Barb 🙂

  4. Yes he is, Cindy! Yoda loves fall and cooler weather. He has been sluggish all summer (15 years old now) so with today's 50 degree morning, he was all perky and ready to run, amazingly!!! Enjoy apple picking up there and eat a fresh apple for me!Happy fall hugs,Barb 🙂

  5. Good Gramma! I know… I am MISSING everything that our little grandson is doing/learning/seeing because he lives 900 miles away. :((( Hope to get to see him in person again next year, post Covid! 🙂 Enjoy getting your granddaughter her first pumpkins!!!Happy fall to you,Barb 🙂

  6. Hi Jeanie! This was a fun post to write; lots of good old ideas and posts to share. Hope your weather is still staying warm for you… We just had a 50 degree morning which was absolute bliss!!! Yoda was racing to go outside (at 15 1/2 years young). Happy early fall to you,Hugs,Barb 🙂

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