Springtime Around Texas… Blooming for you!

Every spring brings beautiful blooms around the globe and I think especially this spring we need some beauty to brighten our days. Here in Texas blue bonnets are popping up along the state’s highways and locally in neighbors’ gardens. Let’s check out Texas’ spring flowers…

Ethereal iris  bloom in my neighbor’s garden just next to their mailbox and the Bradford pear trees which grow so well in Texas bloom in our opening photograph (shooting upward at our local firehouse…).

More neighbors’ yards clothed in whites…

Were would we be without spring’s first roses??
Moving down to Central Texas a flock of 20 Canadian geese begin our tour of Corsicana and Ennis’ “French bleus”…
March means bluebonnets!!!

Taken from inside my car.
Drifts and drifts…
I pulled off the highway and traveled the side road a bit until finding these beauties. The highway department doesn’t really even have to reseed as all the wildflowers seed themselves year after year.
Just lovely! 

Then back to my own backyard…
Wildflowers at our neighboring elementary school…
And I leave you with a look through my front window…
Inherited azaleas in my favorite color!!!
Even if these are uncertain crazy times ~ a little of God’s beauty that we can still enjoy all around us. 😊
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Happy spring! 

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  1. Dearest Barb,What a lovely post about springtime's BEST!As long as we all notice the little wonders around us, unfolding every day, then happiness is inside our hearts.A far better emotion than the fear…Hugs,Mariette

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