An Irish Spring…

March is right around the corner and with it St. Patrick’s Day is just about here, too. So I thought I’d bring out a little green decor in honor of many of our Irish and Scottish heritages…

The lovely roses which my husband gave me in mid-February and then graced our Valentine’s tea table are still surviving. After the original photographs were taken, these vermillion beauties replaced the pink roses and have lasted for two weeks.

I changed their water every few days and recut their stems as I’ve always heard should be done and this simple step kept them fresh and blooming.

The last cutting brought several of the roses down to just the right size for a teapot…

This little Irish Miss steps lively around the coffee table in her shamrock print dress. The Art Deco teapot found 15 years ago in England enjoys coming out of the cupboard to hold its rosy bouquet next to her! 

Across the way her friend Mr. B. Rabbit hops among his own patch of roses…

What fun to bring out the green and some shamrocks to celebrate this coming season of spring!

Happy March and St. Patty’s Day, 

12 thoughts on “An Irish Spring…”

  1. Lucky, lucky me to have my St Paddy Day table and DIY shamrock glasses featured! Thanks so much Barbara! I loved your sweet little lady. We are going to spend two weeks in Ireland this summer and I can't wait! Hoping to bring home something like your figurine with me.

  2. Thank you, April! This is the Art Deco teapot I brought back from England in my luggage ~ the only piece which broke even bubble-wrapped. 🙁 I have since glued on the spout and really you can barely see the fix. Love it!!Happy spring,Barb 🙂

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