3 Easy Steps to Decorate a Front Porch for Fall

Decorating  the front porch for fall is a favorite pastime and I am sure it is for you, too. If it isn’t, then let’s take a look at how we can make your porch
 look fabulous for fall! With a quick changeout in decor and some new greenery and plants, any porch can become festive and welcoming for the holidays…


First a quick bath…

Something I like to do whenever I change my porch decor for the next season is to give the porch a quick scrub. I did do that here, but the wind blows a lot here in Texas in the fall and some early falling leaves make it look like I didn’t. Trust me, it was nice and clean a day or two before.  😉

This is how the porch first looked before the addition of new plants found on clearance at Lowe’s.

The stacked Cinderella pumpkins from the fall dining table have moved outdoors with the cooler weather.

And our little dog statue has moved across the walkway to look in a different direction…  ;)’

Easy ways to add fall decor to a porch

  • Bring in fun colorful fall foliage with mums, orange and multi-hued lantana, and propped up cornstalks and bundles of grasses or wheat.
  • Add colorful pumpkins and gourds on chairs, set inside a favorite cart or wheelbarrow arranged on your porch, or just piled or stacked against each other on the ground. Pumpkins in today’s soft blush and greens or in traditional bright orange now fit in with anyone’s decor!
From our time in our Prairie Home trailer...

Check the clearance aisles

This fun Texas star insert and burgundy pink potted mum and the yellow mum in front of it were found at Lowe’s on clearance and on sale. The yellow mum was clearanced for $8 and will live on for a couple of years with just repotting, pruning and cutting back and covering during winter. 

The old one I pulled from the trash last year is still blooming madly in the backyard! It can just be seen out by the chairs way out in the yard to the left of the shed. 

Don’t you just love watching birds?
A quick look at our back porch and a plant sent by our local florist ~ actually a mistake!

And sharing your refreshed porch with a real animal or two when you go out to enjoy it is fun, too! Mr. Yoda gets to pass by and smell the flowers on his daily walks…

Decorate the front door

Don’t forget to add a little fall-something to your regular wreath or hanging decor of your front door or change out that piece completely. Earlier this spring I had a basket that looked a bit like a fishing creel hanging on ours. I left it up partly into summer, but then I found this fall basket in late July or early August for 60% off at Joann Fabrics. I am over the moon as this beauty, which can be taken apart to reuse the basket in other ways, was $11.00!

The earlier door hanger which could also be redecorated for fall with dried berries and faux fall foliage.

I hope these tips help you with your fall porch decorating in your own home and that you will share them with family and friends. Let me know how I can help you!

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Happy decorating!

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