Joyeax 32ème Anniversaire de Mariage!

Once again another wedding anniversary has come around as Mr. Ethereal and I celebrate our 32nd. This has been a good year for us with moving into our new home, visiting with our daughter in June, beginning a new job (me) and some exciting news I have yet to share!

Our fair maiden wearing my wedding veil…
I never got a post out for my parents’ wedding anniversary this year but on 9-19-19 they would have celebrated their 60th. I often wish that they could have lived long enough to see their grandchildren grow up. They never knew about my youngest brother and his wife’s adopted daughter. But, then again, she wouldn’t be a part of the family if our mother hadn’t passed. Bittersweet reality…

I’ve shared Mom and Dad’s wedding portrait before but it is always a favorite!
Here they are 37 years later. Most likely this is Christmas time of 1996. Bayer-AGFA held a company Christmas party in New York City with other divisions of Bayer Corporation (Miles, Mobay and Cutter Laboratories ~ the latter where my father began working for the company in 1979 in the Bay Area, California). 

Just a week ago Hubby and I went car shopping and were offered a great deal on a new Audi Q5 so I guess that is our anniversary and Christmas present for this and several years! I haven’t driven it much but it does have good pep. The car Charles had been driving these past nine years was beginning to nickel and dime us, so it was time to replace it.  🙂

This is us two years ago.
From the IOOF Downton Abbey-Roaring 1920’s dinner.
Just a few physical changes since then…  Like where the heck did this neck thing come from?? But other than that we are happy and enjoying this stage in our lives.
Back to more post pics…
The living room library table is freshly polished and shares some family photographs from when my brothers, parents and I were young. The only other of my parents’ wedding photographs that I have is featured here. 
A first photograph of my younger brother Gene and his then girlfriend Linnea is here, too (lower left). They have been married just three months less than we have and have three grown children.
Love this vignette of family photographs plus two favorite postcards! I have had these cards for as long as we have been married ~ and they have always been in these two frames.
Here’s to many more anniversaires! Oh… and that exciting news I wanted to share with you?
Justine is about 8 weeks along as of three weeks ago.
Our son Peter and daughter-in-love Justine are expecting!!!
If you haven’t seen a few photos from their wedding those can be found here.
A new and first grand-baby is on its way! We are very excited for this sweet baby’s announcement!!! A wonderful anniversary present indeed especially for Mr. Ethereal’s parents, who will now be great-grandparents.
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12 thoughts on “Joyeax 32ème Anniversaire de Mariage!”

  1. I love this post Barb, so happy for you with your first grand-baby. such an exciting time for your whole family!! Gorgeous car, have fun in it. Yep, I know about the neck thing. you and your hubby are adorable, enjoy your anniversary!

  2. Congratulations, dear Barb. This is such a lovely post — many good wishes, happy smiles and good news with the impending baby! Oh, you'll love being a gran! And that's a super \”present\” for the two of you. (I know. Necks. Reminds me of Nora Ephron.)

  3. I'll have to look for Nora Ephron talking about turkey necks or something or other… Lol! Thanks for the laugh, Jeanie!!! We are excited about Baby C coming next spring. <3Happy fall hugs,Barb 🙂

  4. Thank you, Thelma! I appreciate your sweet thoughts. 🙂 We are excited about Baby Chapman's news and I keep praying that Justine will have an easy pregnancy and delivery. So far, just all-day morning sickness but we are all praying that that goes away soon. <3 Enjoy your lovely fall weather! The lighthouse near you is lovely.Fall hugs,Barb 🙂

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