One If By Land ~ A Pinterest Challenge

Welcome to this month’s Pinterest Challenge hosted by my friend Cindy of County Road 407 Our challenge was to recreate a lantern scene from this original Pinterest photograph by Kelly Nan ~ Gracious Living. On Kelly’s home tour she shared her beautiful home with lots of neutrals, natural plants and textured pillows.  This quiet tin lantern with its wonderful patina appear a ways down in her post.

If you are just coming over from Leslea at A Heart Filled Home, welcome! I know Leslea had a wonderful lantern idea to share with you all today. 

Last month’s Patriotic/4th of July Pinterest Challenge was a big event where everyone was challenged to recreate a patriotic patio scene, so Cindy thought she’d give us a break with a simpler challenge this go-around. 

Originally I thought of running over to one of the craft stores to pick up a beautiful lantern as I have admired many these past couple of years. While we were in our Prairie Home (our RV) it just didn’t make sense to buy one as I didn’t really have a place to store it even though they are perfect for so many things.

Funny thing, as I was working on this post my husband and I had just been shopping at Costco looking for some new lanterns.  Mr. Ethereal really disliked the 1990’s brass lamps which are currently hanging outside our garage. He pointed out that they are too small for the space; he was right.  

The outside and garage are his domain so when he wants something new for the house I go with it. It’s not often he wants to change something.
I was going to just work on this one lantern and it would become something fairly similar to the inspirational photograph by Kelly. However, while we were pushing our cart around Costco ~ and finding many things we’d like to bring home ~ Mr. Ethereal found this adorable rabbit with his lantern just sitting on the floor in housewares…

And an idea was born…

You know how much I love rabbits statues and really ~ he couldn’t have been more perfect for meeting this challenge!

Mr. Ethereal picked this rabbit up and plopped him in the cart.


You get a two-for-one deal here ~ with apologies to my distant cousin-somewhat-removed, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, for borrowing a line from his poem, Paul Revere’s Ride“One if by land, two if by sea.” 

Though the whole poem may not be particularly accurate and was written some 80 years after The Shot Heard ‘Round the World… The poem was written to inspire Americans to take up the Union cause during the Civil War, according to the Old North Church and Historic SiteInaccuracies aside, it does make for a great poem! 

(Maybe that’s what is meant by “poetic license??” Lol!)

When does a lantern become a lantern?

Here is what this lantern looked like when I started. Doesn’t it just look like it wants to be repurposed into a table lantern?

I know. Not a far stretch and really not much to change either.

Just cut off the wires and unscrew the little brass wire holder
piece from the top.

Clean it up a bit. Add a real, then battery operated candle…

And we are back to where we began… with Paul Revere Rabbit and his two lanterns hanging out in the Old North Church…

A look for fall.
Thank you for sharing in this tall tale…  

And a look for summer!
And then a few changes to make this pretty…

Here’s another graphic to pin!

Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home is up next with her lovely lantern vignettes and I know you’ll love them! Be sure to check out all of the other participants on today’s fun Pinterest Challenge lantern tour…

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17 thoughts on “One If By Land ~ A Pinterest Challenge”

  1. Barbara, you are a genius! I would have NEVER, and I mean, NEVER thought to use an old outdoor light fixture as a new and improved lantern! So clever! It all looks lovely. Thanks so much for joining us!

  2. Aren't you smart to use an old outdoor light for an indoor lantern? Great way to repurpose and to have some new home decor to enjoy. Your Costco rabbit is so cute. It's a good thing we don't have Costco here because he would jump into my cart if I was there shopping.

  3. Thank you, Cindy. I'm sorry I wasn't too original with this Pinterest Challenge, but I like this lantern and it'll evolve now that I have some new ideas for it.Happy summer to you,Barb 🙂

  4. Hi Paula! I swear I didn't even see this rabbit ~ it was all my husband!!! 😉 I like this silly rabbit and I'm sure he will visit on here again soon. I've seen so many good ideas today that I think I'll add more to this lantern soon.Happy summer to you,Barb 🙂

  5. Hi Barb! What a great repurposing project for your outdoor lantern! I never would've known you didn't buy it for that purpose. It looks great by the fireplace. I also love the pedestal you used. I've seen those in a few home decor stores and have one on my wish list. It's always a pleasure to come visit your site. Have a great week!

  6. Barb what a seriously amazing makeover! I wil be keeping my eye open at yard sales now for old porch lanterns.You made me laugh out loud with the reference to your \”cousin,\” I am sure he wouldn't mind you keeping his legacy alive in blog land!Your little rabbit is too cute, and your fireplace is beautiful.So happy to join your for the challenge. Happy summer!

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