Out and About ~ Neighboring Gardens + Upcoming Visits

Just a  little out and about today and a mini tour of our neighbor’s side garden…

Planted  where we can easily see the garden beds from our kitchen window, this garden sits between our two houses and is lovely to look at throughout the day.  Two long flower beds have changed flowers like the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace ~ with fanfare and applause!

Earlier at Easter time several types of lilies were in bloom. Now just the summer yellow lily is still flowering but it has some companions who have since sprung up! These feathery fronds with blue-topped tips co-mingle in this front flowerbed. 

Since I am still learning about plants which bloom in Texas and perhaps this is a “nepeta?” 

Not sure but if it is then it takes the summer heat and humidity! Would be good in our yard…

Aren’t these blue beauties pretty as they bob in the
windy late afternoon sunshine?
I haven’t been to any big gardens this year unlike when I visited
the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago with former neighbors from Wagon Master RV Park.

Or the Japanese garden, also there.

Or the incredible rose garden of the Biltmore Estate…

And I need to remedy this soon! I have been spending way too much time at home but next week I’ll be heading down to visit our daughter for a belated birthday visit (her birthday is today, actually). 

More of our neighbor’s front bed in the late twilight…

I should be able to persuade her to come with me to visit a couple if only for short visits…

Like the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center  or this public garden called the Sunshine Community Gardens.

Until then… A short visit to the neighbor’s will have to do.

Happy gardening,

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