French Ethereal Reloaded: A Valentine’s Cake & Recipe

In honor of  St.Valentine’s Day 

I baked a scrumptious German Chocolate Cakefor tea and had friends stop by to partake.:)’

*I am republishing this post with updates for you as it was a good one!  Everyone seems to love chocolate cake so with that, here’s this updated post for you.{almost as good as Alton Brown’s Good Eats Reloaded!}

The recipe is for this deliciously decadent chocolate and coconut cake is from The Hershey Chocolate Treasury Cookbook {linked but not affiliate} 
a lovely recipe book my husband and I picked up at the Hershey factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania the summer after we were married.

I think Amy was about 20 years old in this photo.  She is 26 years old now and lives with her roomy down in Austin, Texas.

This is my daughter’s favorite recipe book and she was always baking us something wonderful from it when we were still together in our last family home.

You know… that gives me an idea of what I could send each of the kids for Valentine’s this year…?
Kind of excited about this!

If you are looking for something, anything chocolate ~ this cookbook is for you and has loads and loads of delicious recipes from cookie squares to cakes to ice cream cake rolls ~ most of them tested by my family!

Photographs are from our last home in California ~ still looking for a kitchen window here in Texas which has a nice view out to a yard.

So, here’s the promised cake recipe and the cookbook:

 Hershey Cookbook
This book is linked for you if you’d like to order it online.  I am not currently an Amazon affiliate but thought you’d like this book.  It’s One to Order.

Hopefully you can see the recipe on the page.  Nice thing about computers is we can make our pages MUCH BIGGER when we need to by resizing, Lol!  Because this is an updated post, I can’t mess with this photo, sorry! (I tried.)

This German Chocolate Cake recipe is easy to whip up and the icing is placed in the bottom of the cake pan making it an easy cake to make, indeed!

Here is our former dining room table set for a festive Valentine’s Day tea ~ with mixed sets of Limoges china dessert plates and various cups and saucers.  The table is brightened up with a homemade tablecloth and napkins set.

I did find some cute tablecloth and napkin fabric available at Joann’s online and here is a link for similar fabric so you can make your own set! {affiliate link ~ thank you for checking this out.} 

Quick Sewing Tip

Tablecloths and napkins are some of the easiest things to sew if you are new to sewing: all straight edges and squares and rectangles. Just buy 2 1/2 yards of 45″ wide Valentine’s fabric, wash and dry (some widths may be less)

Iron out the wrinkles and then cut off a 1 1/4 yd. piece (45″).  Turn under 1/4″, twice, on each side to the fabric’s wrong side, ironing flat.  Fold each corner in creating a triangle and tuck that in mitering the corners as you finish straight stitching each seam.  Easy peasy!

The remaining 1 1/4 yard you’ll divide into squares to create the napkins.  Here’s where you’ll need to do a little math: 

If you want to make 10″x 10″ finished napkins, you need to cut 11″x11″ squares (which takes into account turning under all the edges), and so on.  

From 1 1/2 yards we can create (6) roughly 14″ sq. maximum napkins (45″/3 pieces across = 15″x 15″ cut squares).  Fabric is rarely true to 45″ so plan on cutting 14″ squares to create 13″x13″ finished napkins.

For (4) 20″ finished napkins, cut four 21″x21″ squares.  It’s all personal preference. 

There are etiquette books which tell what size napkins you need for what type of meal (and when) you are serving, whether it is a luncheon, a tea, or a dinner.  I personally don’t think that it is always necessary to be particular with all that; however, it is fun if you are serving a formal dinner. 

Check out my post linked here to see my review of this napkin etiquette book.  

Since my birthday just passed, it would be wonderful to have this for a treat for this coming weekend… 
I might be baking another of these later this week…  ;)’

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Happy salivating, 😉

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  1. I'm not a chocolate fan but that is a terribly pretty table setting and the strawberry cake makes me smile! Yes, time to start thinking of Valentine's Day!

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