Une Table Pour Deux ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving  this year ~ we have much to be thankful for including a warm and comfortable home to live in, family and good friends both old and new, and a good job where my husband is getting to really expand his knowledge and display his abilities.

With that, I am thankful for a job photographing what I love and to be able to share places to visit around Texas and beyond with you.   I also get to share inexpensive found goodies from thrifting trips and  
today I am sharing this little table pour deux…

Dining out-of-doors is lovely in the fall… The daytime is still warm and sunny and the bugs are gone so setting up a table for un alfresco déjeuner holds promise of rest and much enjoyment.  And often a simple table is best set in the garden where we can enjoy birds chirping away in the trees nearby and the the garden’s plantings as they bloom before heading to bed for the year.

This table setting is an adaptation of another table styling created recently on our larger picnic table.
 The nice thing is that either styling can be copied for any time of the year by removing these little Baby Boo and velvet pumpkins then adding new elements
for whatever season you are in.

Here I’ve used a vintage embroidered tablecloth found at an antique shop paired with simple white plates and crystal wine goblets and silverplate flatware.

Sweet checked napkins found on clearance add their own nice rustic flair to the overall elegance.
Woven grass placemats repeat the soft pale color
of the little pumpkins and add a little more gold to the table setting, as does this sweet little pheasant.

Bringing out a pillow or two adds a little French ambiance to the dining experience and is always welcome.

The nice part  is as you sit and relax away
the afternoon sharing a meal with your spouse or
a dear friend
we begin to re-energize ourselves from the craziness of a busy year ~ always a good thing.

Here’s to a lovely holiday season and best wishes to you on this Thanksgiving day…

Hugs and blessings to you,

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