Dishing about Graphics on Day 2 of FILWTexas

Happy Tuesday to you all!  I know it’s late in the day and I had my Bible study earlier today so I’m just getting this posted, but I wanted to be sure and share more with you from the Fall In Love With Texas blog tour…

Both  the lead photograph and this one were created by my very talented friend and fellow blogger Katie at Let’s Add Sprinkles.  If you’re stopping by from Katie’s blog or from any of the bloggers on the tour, welcome!!!   I’m glad you are here.  Katie has worked hard on this tour and is creating a collage for each day.  Don’t you just love these sweet graphics?

So that got me thinking, if you’ve never created a Pinterest collage on Canva or Pic Collage {like Katie did here}, especially in the beginning they can be a real challenge!  I enjoy making them now and probably should do more as they are real eye-catchers.  I did make this one for a past post on decorating with white:

I love decorating with white and am looking to do more here for the holidays.
This particular post can be found here.
Whichever company you decide to use to format your graphics
they all have pre-formatted templates to help you with your design.
I’m always making Pinterest graphics on Canva.com but there are a wide variety of things which can be made:

*presentation slides
*Instagram posts
*Facebook covers
*email banners

Since we are heading towards the holidays; you might like to make this

How to create your graphic

Take one of your photographs and imported it into your graphic design site, then cropped it large. 

Pick out what type of item you want to create, such as a Pinterest graphic.  

From there play around with highlighting the different template’s words and entering your own.

Then play around with different fonts and colors ~ this is the hard stuff in the beginning but gets really fun as you start creating!

Save your graphic and “publish it.”  You can send your graphic straight to Pinterest, Twitter and other places, or  board you have on just download it to your computer to save and add to an upcoming post.  This is what I tend to do most of the time.  Your program should automatically save any work you create so you can use it again at a later date.

Well that’s basically it for creating a Pinterest graphic!  I haven’t created too many other things yet but I once you start using a graphics program you’ll immediately see its future potential.
Coming tomorrow  I’ll keep this post short and sweet as
I have a much longer post one coming out in the morning… 
It’s Mr. Ethereal’s and my wedding anniversary!

Here are the links for Days 1 and 2 of the tour and each day goes
“live” that morning. 
Stop back by tomorrow to catch the next day’s party-goers and please visit the previous day’s Texas bloggers if you haven’t already. Lots of wonderful fall decor and ideas being shared.

Jusqu’à demain {until tomorrow},

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