Merry Merry Month of June…

June is  typically a lovely month with it being the birthday month of my mother Ginny, my daughter Amy and my
mother’s mother ~ Grammy Helen.
And those days were filled with happiness and good
memories for me this year…

Here is  a lovely self-portrait my daughter Amy
created when she was still in high school, I believe.
It is a favorite and I’m so glad we photographed it!!!

Doesn’t it look just like her?

This month or the end of last month also saw the graduation
of my sister-in-law Jodi receiving her
Master’s in Special Education.
Woo hoo Jodi!!!

Pete and Gini Chapman, Jodi Chapman and Corey R. Chapman at their twin graduation ceremony.
Photo taken by a friend with my mother-in-law’s early digital camera.
My nephew and Jodi’s son Corey received his
Bachelor of Arts degree in Languages I believe.
Corey is interested in theology and will work
on a Master’s in that field.

For them all I am very happy!
For the rest of June ~ I’d be
happy to forget it.

We have been battling bugs of various kinds but
it’s mostly come down to mites of which apparently
I am most reactive…

After three trips to the local regional med center and
a most recent trip to my dermatologist for an annual
skin check {which was timely} I am on some
internal medicine to control the itching and creams
to use to eradicate these mites.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!

Anyway  the fifth-wheel is sparkling clean and getting
cleaner each day as I get into each cabinet wiping doors
hardware and insides and washing in the washer
anything that is cloth and boxing up said items
to make it easier to deal with this super bug.

Laundry is being rewashed and dried on hot to kill any
lingering beasts and I’ve enjoyed a few days of respite
at the local Fairfield Inn in Denton.
{Thank heaven for hotel points!}

Even the French toile tablecloth has to go over to storage
at least for a while…

So that’s why it has been a quiet month with
just a few posts…

our old front doors… 🙂

Here’s to a great July!

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