My Ideal Dream Garden and Decor…

Today I thought I’d dream with

you a little since end of season
sales are beginning on
home and garden decor…

I love beautiful garden chairs
benches and tables out in the garden
where one can sit and 
put your feet up 
on the table’s leg supports…

… and rest awhile.

Out at our pool we often pulled our patio
chairs and table closer over to the pool so we 
could visit with whomever was floating 
in the water.

On this day it looks like we were working on
laying tile in the house or laying the side yard broken
cement piece pathway.
Etherealness often includes the mundane, the usual 
perhaps boring things of life ~ like a long level
to keep things straight and orderly.

Taken on a foggy morning with the pool in need of extra scrubbing.  This mallard pair came every late August or September
to eat birdseed and fatten up for the winter.  Every spring we worked hard to prep the pool for our own pool use! 😉

Leveling out our lives… Kind of why we 
go outdoors in the first place to
bring balance to our hectic lives
with spots to relax
and watch nature unfold
around us.

For this new dream garden
I’d bring in bring in more water features
as the sound of running water is an integral part
 of the magic which soothes overtired nerves
and helps promote rest.

An addition of a chaise longue
also out of doors but then brought indoors
during inclement weather and
in the winter months
would be another wonderful
addition to this dream space!

More rose bushes planted along with
evergreens of juniper, boxwood and azaleas
and lilac
then fruit trees and pines
oaks and crepe myrtle
would begin the planting madness.

All of these dreamy pieces of furniture
were found on Wayfair as I went over to 
their website just browsing
but then became inspired to pin 
every piece which
I would love to have in my 
own little garden.
{this is not a sponsored post though that would be fun!}

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What would you pin in
your dream garden?


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