A Belated 4th of July Patriotic Post and a Little History, too!

Happy Belated 4th of July
to you all!
Hubby and I spent a quiet day ~ well, mostly!

Well, there was a bit of a hiccup in yesterday’s
grilling and getting things done plans…
While out with Yoda at the park in the morning
he walked off the path to sniff and etc.
and got his paw stung!
{to say the least!}

So, we spent the rest of the morning at the vet’s office
our local Banfield Pet Hospital
and I was surprised to only get a bill for $11.
A number of years ago we picked up health insurance 
for Yoda even though we couldn’t get
health insurance for ourselves
{yes, it’s true ~ this was during the two years Hubby was unemployed
and underemployed.}
so yesterday’s surprise visit was covered
and mostly free!
That’s a woohoo in my book!

So the post I am sharing today that should have gone out yesterday… yah, never got finished to post in the morning.
It’s a random sampling of 
patriotic themed photos I’ve found everywhere here in Texas plus one photo from yesteryear of our sweet Amy and moi.
Here we are today
241 years later
a free and sovereign
The United States
of America!

Several of these photos are actually from when I was at the mall in Frisco, Texas 
close to Memorial Day.


These little Independence Day cupcakes I found 
this weekend 
in Sam’s Club’s bakery section.
And the nice thing about the 
day after any holiday?
Any leftovers in a bakery that are holiday themed?
They are usually on sale ~ so run on over
and grab a few for celebrating the rest of your 
4th of July holiday week!
TEMPTING GOODIES PATRIOTIC ~ our Statue of Liberty came from a French sculptor so
it’s appropriate that we include Americana-decorated mini cupcakes and French macaroons.
Also, too, since both of my children are grown 
and have moved from the nest
it doesn’t make much sense to bake a cake
that often as there is no one around to eat it
except me
and we can’t have that!

Patriotic Handbags

These handbags that I found at Dillard’s back at the beginning of the summer are super cute and totally perfect for celebrating the 4th the whole month of July and also for taking to the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
I have to confess I kind of have a bag fettish in that I have about 10 different large bags collected from different friends and family over the years.  We were also given a few shoulder bags from vendors
sharing their designs at Design Bloggers Conference this year and last year.  
My teacher also gave all of us aides bags for a present a year ago at the end of the school year.  That blue mess bag I chose, like this flag one above, squishes up small and fits easily into my suitcase.  
I used it when I flew to Cali in March for the conference.
Shoulder bags like these are so big that I easily packed the 
blue and white 
Independence Day china 
I’d found while thriftshopping one quick afternoon 
while I was there in our old hometown of 
Murrieta, California.

The Lego Americana Roadshow

Back also in March, I came across this traveling roadshow
of Lego buildings.  I decided to save them to share with you
for our
Independence Day
as they are so iconic of America’s beautiful architectural
and treasured historical buildings.
 They are perfect small-scale models of the actual
buildings themselves and Lego created new legos
to capture the spirit and architectural details
within each one.

Coming from a teaching background I had to snap some photos 
with my iPhone to send back to my former classroom 
sending them to 
my teacher and the other aides to share 
with the students there.

The Old North Church was the first of the 
historic buildings 
I encountered that afternoon.
The Old North Church {or Christ Church
as it was known in 1775} is where Revolutionary War patriots 
Paul Revere and William Dawes would look to see
if there were one or two lanterns hung in the belfry
signifying which way the British troops were coming,
“one if by land” ~ marching by way of Boston Neck, 
or “two if by sea” ~ the latter referring to
how the British would row across the Charles River
and into Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hopefully I have this written out correctly!
I know my mother would give me heck if I were
steering you wrong.
She took on a publishing house when I was in
7th grade to let them know that the
Battle of Bunker Hill
was really fought on Breed’s Hill, a smaller hill, 
which was next to and closer to Boston.
Years later now, the Smithonian’s information
proves that my mother was right.
You can read the Smithonian’s account
by clicking on the pink highlight above.

***The poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
“Paul Revere’s Ride”
contained some errors as to accuracy but is a testament
to the intent and spirit of the Sons of Liberty and 
our American Colonial ancestors’ wish for equal rights
and representation in British Parliament.
Barring that, then those Colonists wished for 
total independence
as a separate and sovereign country.
A final view of the White House.
Happy Belated 4th of July!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful
day and enjoyed the town fireworks
public reenactments and readings
wherever you were!
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Blessings to you,

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