Places to Visit ~ Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The Rose Garden ~ a version worthy of Versaille in France.

I kinda complained to my
next door neighbors a couple
of weeks ago
since moving to Texas I hadn’t
really been anywhere fun

We made a plan to go down to the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
this past Thursday…

Springtime for me is all about gardens
so visiting the botanical gardens
is just about as high as 
I can get 
on my list of fun things to do!
Luckily my neighbors and 
their daughter and granddaughter
love gardens as much as I do, too!

Potted plants ~ planted with a mass of one plant {like this one} or with a main plant and then underplanted ~
are mini gardens with their own micro-climates.  Stunning and sooo simple ~ just Johnny Jump-ups.

It was a match made in Heaven!
And these gardens don’t disappoint…

We enjoyed passing wildflowers blooming
along the freeway medians
as we made our way down to Fort Worth.

Quietly bright ethereal Iceland Poppies ~ sunny side up eggs in the sunshine!

Turns out the botanical gardens are free
except for a small entry fee ($7.50) to visit
the Japanese gardens and another small fee
(I want to say it was $2.00 or $4.00?)
to go into the Conservatory, but 
we didn’t get to see in there.
It was closed for repairs.

Not to worry!  
There was much to see out
in the rest of the park!
My neighbors in a small allée of wisteria vines clamboring up and over enornous arches ~ on my next garden’s bucket list!
At 110 acres and 22 specialty gardens,
the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
are spectacular in spring
but I can 
imagine them in all seasons.
Can you imagine the trees around the park
blazing in the fall?
There are all kinds of oaks, elms,
and maples galore ~ and 
all would come into their element
in autumn.

Heading from Versaille to Monet’s gardens in Giverny… that’s what the lily pond reminded me of… sigh!

Maiden fern peeking out of crevices between stonework ~ lovely and cool under the canopy of trees above.
Spectacular water features,
plants potted up or set into curving planters,
large fields of deciduous and evergreen trees
create vignettes everywhere one looks or 
passes into another

Part of those 22 gardens…

There’s so much to take in, to learn
from visiting a large 
park garden like
Fort Worth’s Botanical Gardens.

Here the takeaway is to plant pansies in massive
drifts of not just a few plants
but thousands!

Everywhere we went over the whole park
pansies were the mini stars of this time
right now at the gardens.

I knew this post was going to be long
as I took about 225 photos…
I’m thinking I’ll break this up and share the 
Rose Garden and the 
Japanese Garden
in a separate post.
It wouldn’t do those two gardens 
if I didn’t…

A beautiful Easter lily ~ perfect for this time of year!
In yesterday’s wildflower post 
I wrote about
seeing so many bluebonnets and primroses
along the sides of roads and highways
all around North Central Texas.
At the gardens here, drifts of snapdragons are 
like their wilder lupine cousins
with their large flowers
running up and down their stalks.
Standing tall in a vertical blaze of color glory.

Well, let’s end here for today ~ I’ll pick
up again in a post
in a couple of days…

Photo from a breakfast tea earlier this month.

I’ll switch gears and take us back 
indoors to share an 
Easter table setting next 
to gear up for Easter Sunday,
of which 
that lily above plays a part…

Happy Tuesday!
Barb 🙂

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