Interior Decorating Goes Outdoors ~ Our Spring Garden Taking Shape

I’m liking the new arrangement!  Was drying laundry while potting plants that day, as you can see.  🙂
Over the past few weeks
our little 
Texas Garden
is beginning to take shape.

Really like the terra cotta pot I found at At Home… I put a few rocks in the bottom to help with
keeping dirt in and critters out.

Garden beginnings…

Before heading to California
After picking up the mail in Richardson, 
I finally found out how on the freeways here
in North Texas to get to
At Home
which is down in lower
on the border with Plano, Texas.
At Home is a really nice decorating store
filled with current holiday decorations
to spruce up your home,
all kinds of garden pots and urns in many colors,
indoor and outdoor furniture including
slightly damaged pieces
{which I looked at since we need a small table in our bedroom}
for the adventurous person to take home and 
repair and save
a little money at the same time!
The first time I stepped into At Home
I picked up a couple of kitchen and bath
storage pieces.
I’ll probably share those in the future
some time.  Anyway…
I am in~love with this store!
If I had the funds, I could buy like
10 pots and urns and go crazy with plants!
But so far on the couple of shopping trips
I’ve taken, I purchased three.
Love this sweet Scripture pot!  I saw it and knew it needed to come home with me!

Garden Structure

One of the things about living here
at Wagon Master
{and really any campground}
is there are always rules about
whether one can put out a carpet
build a deck and 
whether you can decorate out of doors.
{and with good reason ~ nobody wants a trashy neighbor!  🙂 }
Even people coming in who aren’t staying
for an extended stay bring their plants
with them, surprisingly.
Kinda like bringing your cat or dog
we garden people have to have our gardens
in some form or another.
I just got a very few plants to see how they will do here in Sanger. Found the lantana and this mini striped petunia
along with the blue flowers in the Scripture pot.  I want to plant the two pink flowers in with the rose bush I have coming.
Plants overhanging from pots and flower boxes are sooo pretty!
Every spring I get this urge to be outside
and garden… It’s pretty hard to not garden.
So I asked if I could put out our garden carpet
like we had at Lake Skinner
when we were camp hosts.

The new terra cotta pot reminds me of these that I left
at our Big House ~ including the angel one below.  My friend
Sandy has a good majority of my old plants and pots now. Photo
right and below right show our Lake Skinner yard and the outdoor carpeting.
We can’t. It’s not that the owners
Ken and Janet
don’t want carpets ~ it’s that it’s too hard
for mowing around.

So… I noodled the idea around for a bit
and came up with a “visual carpet”
using regular decorating techniques!
{Can you see the rectangle ~ with the big square planter as the lower right corner ??}
With our big 9′ x 12′ hand-made wool Afghani rug, it was easy to put all of our dining room furniture “on the carpet,” as you can see here.  I’ll probably use this beautiful rug in a family room when we get another house.  It is the largest of the three rugs and carpets we have.  My hubby brought it and three others home from the Persian Gulf after returning from Desert Storm in 1991.  We gave three to family members as presents but two returned home to us.
When you decorate and lay out your furniture
inside your house
the rule of thumb is to either
put all of the furniture on the carpet {the rectangle} 
when you use a rug in your living space
keep all of it off the carpet
putting the sofa, easy chairs,
lamps and end tables surrounding the rug.
So I made mine “on the carpet.”
Of grass, that is!
Yoda likes the new arrangement ~ he’s happy in the shade under the table.
The furniture layout outside had really been bothering me 
for about a month or more and I hadn’t really
sat down and figured out what exactly was it
that I didn’t like.
I had created a triangle with the picnic table
and the bench and The Girls
and it wasn’t working…
It was a hot mess!

The Solution

When I did figure it out, it was a simple fix:
add more pieces {hence the pots, which I wanted anyway}
and create a visual rectangle.
That did the trick!
I knew I was looking for a few pots to put up
some plants and I already had the Garden Girls.
I’d also bought the bench a couple of months ago from 
Wayfair online when there was a sale
so it was fairly easy to lay everything out
like putting all of the furniture in an empty room.
This is an easy trick to do and is 
really simple:
Just remove everything from 
your decorating area then put pieces back 
thinking about decorating
as if you were putting it on a rug.
Works every time!
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