Traveling with Disabilities ~ Comfort Suites in Buda, Texas

Two queen beds in this very large room taking up one side at the end of a hallway of three rooms.
This week I traveled down to Kyle 
to visit my daughter and to take care of 
some personal but necessary business
{registering our first vehicle that HAD to be done ~ was expiring in California}
in Central Texas this week.
Looking for a hotel on Tuesday night, I found a
Comfort Suites
I had the pleasure of staying in in
Buda, Texas, which was wonderful!
{pronounced “Beu-da” like “beauty,” for all y’all’s information!}

See how short the tub is overall?  It’s about 2/3 the normal height of the usual tub.
It’s perfect for anyone with special needs!

Comfort Suites
15295 S IH-35
Buda, Texas 78610
(512) 295-8600 x5
{I had to share this as Blogger wouldn’t let me link the code… 🙁 }

All the rooms at Comfort Suites were full
except for an
ADA~compliant room meant for 
people with disabilities.
No problem! 
I was perfectly okay with that.
Having worked with and alongside 
so many students with major 
disabilities for the past 14 years
ranging from
Angelman Syndrome to cerebral palsy
autism to Down’s Syndrome
I was happy to enjoy this room!

I loved that this room was sooo spacious and 
that turning a wheelchair in here would be
super easy to do!
Because there was no more room at the inn
getting to stay in this room
is actually a rare treat.
You see, normally these rooms aren’t sold
and are kept just for 

people with special needs.

So today, I thought I’d review

this room for you!

This room had a big bathroom about 12′ x 12′

which had non-skid tiles for flooring with a
built-in drain ~ good for when “accidents” happen.

The shower had a nice shorter tub for 
easy access and with only the left side of the 
tub being flat and the rest of 
this terrific tub featuring a slight slant 
I thought it was perfect for laying someone 
down in for a refreshing bath time!

The toilet was a slightly lower model 
keeping it closer to the ground 
in case of accidental falls.

Several handrails in the shower all around
make for easy maneuverability
and extra safety.

No closet was in the room but there was a 
hanging rack in the entryway as you entered.
A long mirror was attached to the 
entry wall there as well for checking 
one’s appearance.

The queen beds were warm and comfortable.
I would have preferred less lumpy soft pillows
but that’s me.
The sheets were soft and I think
this would appeal to some people
with autism as they often
don’t care for anything that is scratchy.
{We had a few students over the years 
who would tear out or ask us to  
cut out those annoying tags in 
the back of their shirts!}

My room was the one on the right ~ the door accepts a card key and there is a button just to the left of the door to
make the door open itself.  It may take two people to operate, though, as I know the key opener went red pretty quickly.

Entry to this room is set into a rounded corner 

again for accessibility for wheeling around.
I don’t know who designed this area
of the hotel but it was done well!

Lastly, I thought it was important to note
that in the last ADA room I stayed in
extra long poles for closing curtains
were provided.

Here, though, grab-style curtain closures
make these closures a better functioning design.
These are better for anyone who has 
trouble using their hands.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little
write-up about an
ADA compliant room.
I was very excited to share it with you!
I’m sorry, though, that I was too tired from finalizing
our car registration yesterday to get this 
out to you this morning.
It was part-way begun.
(350 miles south, down and back in two days)
With driving down on Tuesday then 
finishing the registration yesterday 
around noon time,
sharing a quick lunch with our sweet Amy,
then driving through Austin
in 4:30p.m. traffic…
I didn’t get home until just after
10:00p.m. last evening.

I am going to get this published tonight

To learn more about any of these disabilities, 
I’ve linked with as many sites as would let me.
Please click on these website links in pink above.

In your life, who could benefit from
a more comfortable room like this?
I hope you share this with them!
Disabled people are a wonderful
gift from God!

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about that wonderful
Pie Place 
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I FINALLY got there ~ and I brought back pies!!!

I have a lovely Valentine’s Day table styling
coming up for you, too…
Until then, enjoy this
Past Valentine’s Day post and this one
featuring a Valentine’s Cake Recipe.

Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

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