Places to Camp ~ Wagon Master RV Park

Of all of the RV campgrounds
we have had the good fortune 
to visit and stay at
Wagon Master RV Park
has friendly Alpacas!

It’s a lovely time of year to be 
up here at Wagon Master.  
The monthly newsletter encourages everyone 
to decorate for the holidays!
{and so they have!}

Wagon Master RV Park is located in lovely rural
Sanger, Texas
about an hour north of Dallas.
With a total population of under 10,000 people
in the city and where total cattle 
almost outnumber said folks
{just kidding!}
we are really enjoying the quiet and peace
of the countryside.

This watercolor-like photograph was taken about 6 miles east from the campground with my iPhone on zoom ~ shot through my car’s front window.

Wagon Master has about 100 campsites currently with
all of those as full hook-ups.
There is a waiting list for long-term sites
and surprisingly there are many
parks in the same good predicament
here in Texas!

The new office and home of the RV campground’s owners.
Every month or so there is a planned
event for campers.
And, every day you can come help
feed the alpacas
at their daily dinner time
at 4:30pm!

The onsite pool ~ just big enough for a little swim!

It’s really nice to take long walks around here and 
campers are friendly.
Besides an onsite pool, there is a laundry
available for washing needs
and it is open 24/7/365.
Everything has a fun western theme and I love the 
laundry’s parting theme as you 
exit the building:

“Don’t you just love those 12 seconds
when all of the laundry is done?”
Yes, yes I do!
I’m sure the alpacas do, too.
As always, feel free to share ~ thank you!!!
Have a great Monday,
Barb 🙂

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