$10 Antique Store Challenge ~ Sweet S&P Shakers

This summer was such a whirlwind of activity!
With taking our daughter and all of her worldly possessions 
to her new home and to a new job in Texas,
then turning our car~compass northward and
heading up to our 
son and daughter~in~love’s wedding…
Anyway, I never got to share all of the places that we visited,
the quirky cool things that we saw 
{TEXAS itself was HOT being that it was summertime but it is COOL 
as it has some really neat BIG THINGS there!}

I have more fun places and ideas
to share with you
these cute salt and peppers
are a little part…

As we were almost but not quite
to my son’s new
home state of South Dakota
{after the long haul driving out of Oklahoma, through Kansas, into Nebraska,
and into Iowa ~ after the previous day’s driving up through the top of Texas}
when we made a pitstop at a little area just before
Sioux City, Iowa.
We still had an hour’s driving time before reaching Sioux City,
so it was a nice to stop for awhile.
I had a bit of free time to visit 
this antique shop that I mentioned
I would get around to writing up in my last post
$10 Antique Store Challenge ~ Sweet Salt & Pepper Shakers
Finders Keepers
Antique Mall & Coffee Shoppe
2085 Crossroads Drive, I-29 & Hwy #2, Exit #10
Percival, Iowa 51648

 Finders Keepers is right off the highway
there in Percival, Iowa.
I’ll have an article written up
for you hopefully by tomorrow sharing all that I found 
for you!
While looking around though seeing what
Finders Keepers had and snapping a few photos
that I could share with you…
I found these little 
doggie salt and peppers
and thought they looked an awful lot like
our Yoda.
What do you think?? You be the judge!
Here’s Yoda happy and playful during a recent walkabout.
Here’s the photograph I was thinking these
little doggies looked somewhat
like, far right:
Well, there’s the one {ok, two!} things
I purchased that weren’t t-shirts
a gift for someone else 
from our two~week trip this summer!

Happy Saturday!

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