The Kitchen Garden

Fresh and wholesome,
tasty and green…
My kitchen garden is small but 

I planted twelve little lettuce plants ~ butter leaf and 
red kale (I think!) ~ this fall and we have been blessed with wonderful
leaves for sandwiches and salads all winter!
We have a
couple of holdover tomato plants from 
last spring and summer
which are still producing tiny little 
golden globes of deliciousness.
There’s also two types of oregano,
thyme and marjoram. 

Over the years, strawberries, green onions and 
have grown in between some of the 
roses and boxwoods.
We’ve also had green beans winding
up and around
poles and tomato cages.

I started to check the red onions yesterday while back out
pruning more of the roses, but got side-tracked while digging up
little potatoes. 
The onions will create lovely purplish-pink and white
alliums this coming summer.
You can see some alliums
starting to bloom in this photograph.
This is our spring garden two years ago.
In the forefront is the same
two-year-old red bell pepper plant we still have. 
Amazingly it is still producing peppers!🙂
Rosemary for baked chicken, chuckwagon pepper steak, 
and rosemary biscuits
grows under the patio cover
in a topiary.

We compost in tumbling compost bins now.
Before, we composted directly
on the ground.
One of the fun things about composting on open ground
is that you can grow
pumpkins and cantaloupes!
Our kids really liked going out and checking 
on the pumpkins everyday.
We would save seeds from our store-bought gourds
from the year before 
and then, just toss the seed out into the pile!
Sometimes, we would just toss the old pumpkins
directly on top.

Your kitchen garden can grow on your windowsill
in lovely clay pots,
or in decorative large urns out in your yard! 
That’s the nice thing about growing
herbs and vegetable
for your family’s table…
They grow anywhere and are easy to grow!
Sunshine, water, and a little plant food…

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Happy growing to you!

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