Nordic Christmas Patio

Feeling a bit Nordic out front with the all-white and greenery-theme!

For my Christmas tea

last weekend,
I asked a neighbor if I could judiciously
cut some small branches from his
stately pine trees
to decorate out front of my home.

He told me the story that all five of his
pine trees were Christmas trees
when his family first moved into their home!
My how they have grown!
Each one is nearly 60′ tall now.

Funny ~ our first Christmas tree was 
also a potted tree
given to me at work back in 1993.
That tree is also getting up there in height.
It lives today over at our first home.

Most of the vines made it!

As you can see here,

the ivy that was created from the original plant

is doing well.
It is producing new runners!
I had fun dressing up the big angels out front

with pine boughs, cones
and red berries,
also found out in an
obliging field!

new leaves, growing leaves!

Today was our last day of school
here in the local school district,
so happily I am off of work 
for three weeks!
Love Christmas break!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Will see you tomorrow for some more
Christmas goodies!   🙂

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