Fall is…

September 7, 2014

Fall for us in Riverside County, CA 
really begins in late October.
Sometimes, fall is still going on in December!
We certainly do have strange weather 
here in Southern California!!!

Here are some shots from this and last year: 
Some wildflowers outside the hotel we stayed at 
in South Dakota, 
our water fountain and one of our hydrangeas looking
a bit tired from summer’s heat,
the trees across from my crosswalk last fall,
and my faux pumpkin collection this year!
And, of course, Yoda!
~ I’m getting in a cooking mood, so…
Will be sharing some baking with you soon!!!

Fall is
about baking loaves of bread ~
like pumpkin bread
and around here I put in dark chocolate chips!

Fall is
time to wash windows and screens,
sweep away cobwebs
(or not, if you are saving them for little 
trick or treaters!).

Fall is
cleaning up the yard, raking lots and lots of leaves
dumping out the old compost
and putting in new leaves to create anew!

Fall is
clipping boxwood, pulling stray weeds and
seeing rose bushes putting out
magnificent blooms as the weather turns crisp and cool!

Fall is
wonderful last barbecue dinners outside on the patio,
and the first pot roast of the season scenting 
the kitchen with its wonderful, warm,
delicious smells
as we take a long-needed nap
while football drones quietly in the background
and we are happy
with our family 
around us…

Here’s to Fall memories! 
May they always be warm & full of Love,
Barb 🙂

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