Faith, Hope & Love ~ My Inspiration

Love is patient
Love is kind
and envies no one…

Such a hard thing for me to do sometimes.
I am not very patient, but I have become better at it
over the years.
Working with special education students one learns
a great deal of patience.

Love is never boastful,
nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish,
not quick to take offense.

In the times that I have been boastful, God quickly
reminds me to knock it off!
I was very proud of something I was doing a few years ago,
and it quickly became apparent that I shouldn’t have been
that way as I landed a Big Correction.

Love keeps no score
of wrong-doings; does not gloat
over another’s sins,
but delights in the truth

Here’s a biggie… Do you have trouble with this?
My husband would definitely have something to say
about this one and me! 
I do apologize when I know I have been wrong
and… do delight in the Truth.

It’s a wonder to me that so many people don’t believe 
in God.
To me, His presence is seen everywhere!

I see God in the sparkles on a dragonflies wings and
on some lilies.
We can creat sparkles from ground up bits of glass
and metal creating beautiful things with glitter.
These insects and plants though have
always had theirs…

A little birdie I found at one of the craft stores sharing its own glittery sparkles!

People today look at the Bible as a bunch of made-up
stories, and we Christians don’t do a good-enough job at 
promoting God and doing the right thing ourselves.
We are imperfect.
I know I certainly am not perfect.
God uses imperfect people to do His work.

When you read through the Old Testament,
the genealogy of Jesus IS all these
flawed people!
Tamar was a prostitute who slept with her father to have a son.
King David lusted after and slept with
Bathsheba and had her first husband killed.
They lost their first child because of this sin.
(Also: Did you know sin means 
“missing the mark?”
It means we aren’t doing something right in God’s eyes.)

Anyway, Bathsheba eventually got it right with God, 
and Proverbs 31
is about her value and her real beauty. 
She was the mother of King Solomon
and Nathan.

Jesus comes from both of these lines:
the cursed line of Solomon (he strayed away to other gods) 
~ through his father Joseph, who adopted Him, 
and the not-cursed line of Nathan 
~ through his mother, Mary.
Jesus was wholly man (born to man) 
wholly God 
(given to Mary by God through the angel) 
and this is part of the reason why
He is Who He says He is. 

photo from my copy of the lovely magazine ~ Jeanne d’Arc Living,  9th issue 2013

There is nothing
love cannot face;
there is no limit
to its faith, its hope,
and its endurance.

In a word,
there are three things
that last forever:
faith, hope and love;
but the greatest 
of them all is

1 Corinthians 13

There is a whole lot more to the life and story of 
Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ. 
I used my New International Version study Bible
to look up and get correct information for you
(make sure I was right!).
The 1 Corinthians 13 quote is from the New Testament, 
but these exact words are from a print I have.

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Just a little Sunday sentiments… 
Happy Sunday to you!

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