A Christmas Chandy Story ~ An Ugly Duckling Turns Swan

Just as the original story
The Ugly Duckling
Hans Christian Anderson
what originally wasn’t so beautiful
ended up beyond beauty itself…

I first wrote about transforming this

little chandelier
back in 
Antiquing ~ Second Impression Palace
when I found the little pendant drops there
this past summer.
These were the first incarnation a year ago.

I made a kinda~transformation of this barrel chandelier
last fall with just a coat hanger bent to form a circle.
To this, I added four home~made hooks
from which to dangle the circle and
larger teardrop crystals.

Then, last winter I alternated between
the current white mistletoe
monster brilliant
another mostly identical one with red berries.
{for Christmas~time}

These first attempts were a bit ragtag.
I wasn’t happy with the visible
hanging wires/bread ties…
they worked in a pinch!

On our last trip to the storage units
before heading east
I grabbed this white berried one 
to take with us
knowing full well 
I intended to redecorate the chandy with it!
*always remove these lovelies before driving around in your RV
for safety and to protect your investment in crystal drops.*

This year I was also able to
replace my homemade ornament hangers 
with nice gold ones.
These I found at Wal-Mart or Target.
They can just be seen inside
in this next photograph.
I love their curves and little beads
are on them, too!

I totally love the long pendants I found
at Macy’s 
in the Christmas ornament section!
I wrote about this a bit in the
Holiday House and Garden Tour.
These ornaments are hefty glass crystal pendants
with silver beads, pearls and tinsel
encircled by two flower crystals
like you see on 
vintage and antique chandelier prisms!

I love that companies are 
making these!

Have you done any chandy~makeovers?
Tell me about them and I’ll see if we can’t
feature them here!
It’d be fun to do a blog linky party featuring
just chandeliers!!!
Happy redecorating yours,
Barb 🙂

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Old Holiday Photos ~ Decorating Inspiration!

I’ve been reading other people’s blog posts 
this past evening and so many ladies 
shared their wonderful homes…

Made me want to revisit our last home with you!
And after reading all these wonderful blogposts, 
seeing all the Thanksgiving tables decorated so prettily with 
sparkly goblets flashing prisms of light from flickering candlelight,
and gleaming just~polished silver and china laid out so carefully
made me nostalgic.
Then all of the photos of newly decorated Christmas trees
all festive and glowing
just brightening up 
every room…
I became inspired to share some favorite
decorating goodies with you!
Style Favorites:
French cane~back chairs 
The two shown in the photo above at the head and 
foot of our antique dining room table
are the same ones 
I have had out all summer while we were in our 
“Tiny Home” at Lake Skinner.
They await their return to a new home 
in this coming new year!
As do those plates, teacups and saucers… 
Oooh! The mugs I just purchased from
go with this set!!!
{I forgot to mention that yesterday! I was really excited to find them!}
Dried Flowers in Baskets
The blooms are darker here but that wonderful 
wicker basket is still going strong!
This is one of my favorite table settings 
for family and friends, by the way…
Style Trends: 
Silver~plate platters
If you haven’t gone thrift~shopping 
for those old 1960’s/1970’s {maybe even more recent}
silver~plate serving platters to use as chargers 
under your dinner plates,
you’ve got to go!

They are my “go~to” pieces 
underneath everything!
Some I spray painted white and I’d use them
underneath big plates the same way.
Most I kept just as they are as 
I like the silvery look.
They are fun to stack with glassware
in between, too, creating towers
to create large tiered serving pieces
to present cupcakes and other goodies
at parties!

And this generic 1980’s chandelier
turned beauty!
My friend Kathy gave me the idea of 
decorating one’s chandy while were still in our first home.
One year at Christmas time, I found this dangling garland
at Michael’s, I think.
This pearl garland is a favorite!
Kathy used these garlands on chandeliers
all over her house and hanging off picture frames!
Super cute!!!
Remember how in all the decorating magazines
back in the early 2000’s you’d see these 3′ long strands of 
crystal garland and teardrop pendants for sale 
in the advertisement sections??
Well, that’s where I got these!
You can see the teadrops attached to each of 
the bobeches sitting atop each candle sconce 
underneath each bulb.

Then I just kept finding more crystal things
and other beautiful decorations to hang off of them!
Especially at Holiday~time!
Here are two of Kathy’s chandies!
Sorry the left photo is so blurry ~ I must have shook
when taking it with my old phone.
Hanging greenery whether faux or real
looks lovely with all the dangling 
Christmas ornaments!
Inspiration galore!!!

This post is a little random plus it’s getting very late… 
but I thought you might like a little random decorating and also to 
see the home we loved and lived in for 13 good, long years.  
Good memories!
And, I’m so glad I am able to share
them with you!
Happy Decorating!
Barb 🙂

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I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling… Dressing Up a Chandelier Project

You know when you’ve lost
that lovin’ feeling?

Just like Maverick
Tom Cruise’s character in the movie
Top Gun…

Well, I have NOT been feeling the love
for our kitchen chandelier…
There’s nothing really wrong with it.
It has a nice cylinder shade.
{Been thinking about recovering it
but not sure about that yet.}
It just needs SOMETHING.

At Christmas time last year
I added a big crystal with faux 
mistletoe and red berries
which was replaced 
with this 
white version
in January.
The generic brass chandy at our last house all gussied~up!
I began adding crystal pieces
to our dining room 
chandeliers some twenty years ago.
I used to pick up little antique/vintage teardrop~
shaped crystals when I went with friends to 
flea markets and antique stores.
Then I found some sold through
a company selling reproductions through
decorating/shelter magazines.
That’s where I got the crystal swags and
many of the teardrops
shown on our last home’s chandy.

So today we’ll be looking at
dressing up
a generic chandelier…

~ Mini Chandy Decorating Project ~

Supplies you’ll need:
*Crystals you’d like to add onto your
generic chandelier

*Repurposed old white coat hangers or new craft wire
(if you prefer a cleaner look)

*3/8″ wide decorative ribbon ~ the same as you’d use
to tie on packages or use as an ornament hanger.
I chose iridescent white as I just
how pretty this ribbon is
it sparkles!!!

* wire cutters and/or needlenose and regular pliers

* measuring tape and/or metal retractable tape measure
to get the hanging circle’s circumference.

Here are the inner workings 
of our mini chandelier which is directly over
our kitchen table in our 
“Tiny House” 
our Coleman 27’4″ trailer.
We switched out the burned~out
incandescent bulbs
and replaced them with LEDs.
We decided upon soft~white as I like
that type of lighting better
especially during the evenings;
turned out to be the
perfect choice!
Soooo much less heat
with these babies!!!

Here’s the lower end showing how
I took a gold coat hanger and cut off a piece
repurposing it into an S~hook
to hang the repurposed
Christmas ornament.
These are the crystals I found over at 
Second Impression Palace
antique store in 
Marshall, South Dakota.
If you’d like to read more about my visit to
this wonderful antique mall 
just click on the 
store name above. 

How to make it:
* Measure the inside diameter of your fixture, divide by 2.
That gives you the radius.  From there, divide this again by half
This will be roughly where you’ll want this new
you are creating to
once it’s hanging.

* Use a string or cloth measuring tape to roughly “eyeball measure” the
outside circumference of this “ring.”  Cut some wire to fit this circumference
length with extra to bend around to secure the ring.

* Unwind hangers and cut the hangers into lengths needed
to hang your various crystal ornaments.

* First, bend pieces into an “S” shapes as these will become the
hangers by which you’ll hang the “inner ring.” Wire these onto the ring frame.
{for this chandelier I needed three to hang off the three inner arms}.
See the photograph below~right.

* Hang the rest of your drops either using more homemade “S” hangers
~ or with ~
purchased decorative S~shaped Christmas ornament hangers
Here as Christmas ornaments arrive in hobby stores is
the perfect time to buy these!
I’ve had good luck
buying beautiful decorative ornament hangers at:
Target and Walmart.

* I’ve strung ribbon through the holes in the tops of the remaining crystal drops
to hang as I’d like more sparkle!

Eventually, I’ll probably replace my 
homemade hangers
with prettier machine~made
Christmas ornament hangers
but for now
this will
put the flame out 
that lost lovin’ feeling
get this chandelier back
flying high!!!!!

Happy Wednesday to you!

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Burning through Atlanta ~ 2016

The Grand Hyatt
3300 Peachtree Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
Today’s post is all about the beautiful city of 
 Atlanta, GA…

When flying into Atlanta, you’ll notice three city-heads from the air: downtown, midtown, and affluent uptown

The Design Bloggers Conference was held at The Grand Hyatt,
seen in the lead photograph above, was a beautiful hotel.

The Grand Hyatt
3300 Peachtree Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Originally a small farming community, Buckhead grew into a bustling commercial center with high-rise apartments, condominiums and office buildings mixed in
with older homes.
Having original and remodeled homes still being loved and lived in since the late 1800’s is a testament to the people of Atlanta’s 
“love of home.”

Nice to see that Atlantians care about their historical homes 
and that not every old home needs to be torn down.
Taking care and having foresight to see that their city could be revitalized and modernized but still keep its personality is so important in today’s throw-away-mentality-world!

I was surprised to find so many Federal, Colonial and antebellum-style homes around Buckhead.  They reminded me of the homes
I’d see when visiting my parents in Connecticut.
It was almost a dejá vu feeling!
I love this combination of homes, personally!

Lots of personality to this part of Atlanta!

an asymmetric Colonial style home in Buckhead, Atlanta
I also love how homes here are set back farther from the street
and some have lovely covered porte-cocheres
on the side of the house.
This is where a horse and buggy would pull up to let family
and friends disembark back in the day.

Evening skies over the Buckhead area of Atlanta

A little history lesson for you…

Atlanta was originally named Terminus, a very apt name distinguishing the city as the Zero-Mile Post convergence for 
four major railroad lines shipping goods from the area
to the mid-west from the 1830’s to the 1850’s.  Hence, this is why 
General William Tecumseh Sherman
burned Atlanta to the ground during the Civil War
(all except hospitals and churches, although hospitals
were ordered evacuated) 
as the area was THE major distribution hub 
for military supplies coming into the South.

After the war, as Terminus’s economy resurrected, a movement to rename the city grew and for a short time Terminus
was known as Thrasherville. 
Shortly thereafter, though…

    ‘Gov. Lumpkin asked them [city officials] to name it after his young daughter instead, and Terminus became Marthasville. In 1845, the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad, (J. Edgar Thomson) suggested that Marthasville be renamed “Atlantica-Pacifica”, which was quickly shortened to “Atlanta.” ‘ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Atlanta 

(and aren’t we all glad that the city was renamed?!)

The western sky as I walked back to my hotel after the first day
at conference.

A little garden tucked away at the Grand Hyatt, Buckhead Atlanta.

I love the feeling of this hidden gem of a garden ~
soooo serene, so ethereal!

Love the ferns and can you spot the Japanese pagoda?

While walking to the Design Bloggers Conference last Monday morning, I met a gentleman cleaning out a little store in one of these hundred year old homes that had been added-onto.
He was bringing out the most amazing old cabinets pulled from houses in the area… I could have brought home several chipped and peeling cabinets, nightstands, and a small buffet piece that he had!
I should have taken a picture but I didn’t think of that until later.
This shop was going out of business and this gentleman 
was just doing a little cleaning in preparation for a final sale.
Alas… another time!


The Grand Hyatt Buckhead’s grand chandelier!
(wouldn’t you like to take it home?!)

This was a wonderfully quick trip ~ I learned soooo much about blogging, a bunch about marketing, and met many wonderful people whose companies were sponsors of the DBC.
I also met many great bloggers, a few of my personal favorite blogger mentors and I feel like I burned my way through Atlanta!
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of
Atlanta’s Buckhead area.

Please click on the link:
Design Bloggers Conference
to read more about the DBC!

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***All information came from Wikipedia and various entries therewith, including:

Happy Sunday and may the Lord
richly bless you,


Sunday Sentiments…Almost Thanksgiving!

I am excited for Thanksgiving!
We are visiting family this Thanksgiving
whom we haven’t seen in a couple
of years.
Our table is set for the day,
and here is
a sneak peek!

It’s always a wonderful time getting our table ready
with favorite winter-time plates, 
the cute mouse teapot
and a new platter!
(That will be coming soon…)

I’ve been cleaning the house off and on this week
getting ready for Christmas.
Windows are sparkling,
slipcovers are freshly bleached.

Here’s a sneak peak of our dining room chandelier

from two years ago.
It might have a few of the same
hanging from it this season!
maybe not!

our dining room chandelier two years ago ~ taken with my iPad
See you on Thanksgiving Day!

New Chandy!

My husband  found this sweet little chandelier
recently for me and am very happy he
brought it home!

Over the years I have found that I have a love of sparkly crystal chandeliers but there is never usually the budget for buying more of them.  So… when this one arrived from my hubby
it was a welcome gift!

A friend of mine, Kathy, has more than a dozen iron and crystal chandeliers of varying sizes and shapes that she uses for lighting
and as decoration in her three-bedroom home.
(I think she has fourteen total inside and outside under patio covered areas) 
It is amazing to go to her home and see them all!
Soooooo beautiful!

This little chandelier was part of items Mr. Ethereal brought home as donations to our track and field program through my husband’s workplace.  This however was saved specifically for a gift for me!  It was a misdirect from another company which didn’t want it returned.  🙂
The new little beauty I am thinking about adding some gilding and over-painting it with white.
Then I’ll sand off some of the white paint so a little of the
gold and black will show through ~ wouldn’t that be
super cute?!
With it’s little crystal “flower buds” and the metal leaves
I think that the added colors would really make
it pop.

This next photograph shows our dining room chandelier.
It is just a generic 1990’s brass one that came with the
house but it looks lovely with added crystals and 
glass bobeches.

Here’s the little chandelier I have in the craftroom that I found in Chandler, Arizona along with a vintage desk that I brought back from my family’s Easter trip to visit family in Texas, 1998.

Sweet rose garlands and grapevines are draped across the dining room chandelier’s lower arms for summer. The pearl garland went on at Christmas time a year ago and has just stayed.

This photograph shows our dining room chandelier all decorated.
It is just a generic 1990’s brass one that came with the house
but it looks lovely with added crystals and glass bobeches.

Here is that same dining room chandy decorated
with a couple of ropes of faux greenery for
Christmas time.
{Sorry the photograph is so blurry! Was taken with my first iPhone or my
really old flip phone… LOL!}

*Update 2018*
Still love this open dining and living room combination
with its travertine marble flooring that we installed
ourselves (Hubby and my daughter) and with a
compass rose in the entryway floor that I designed.
The 1990’s chandy looked lovely in every season as I
finally realized it’s really fun to decorate one’s chandelier
with different hanging baubles throughout the year!
Here in this incarnation the chandy has little swans
hanging among its crystal drops.

Here is another photo of this new-to-me sweet little chandelier
with its crystal “blooms” sparkling in the light.
A favorite teacup and saucer decorated with juicy sweet
summer strawberries
sits on a little display shelf in the background.

I was also thinking I might like to hang it above the window seat
in our master bedroom ~ this window seat area is a great place
to hang out and read or sit and watch t.v.
Our daughter enjoys sitting there reading when I’m just

sitting and reading in my little chair
{The white slipcover can just be seen peeping out in the lower left of this photograph.}

Part of me also wants to add it to the craft room because I have another vintage one in there and the two would be fun hanging together!!
Plus it would make for better lighting at nightime ~
always an issue in this bedroom-turned-craftroom.

Couldn’t you just picture two small chandies
hanging above a craft table near to each other??

The vintage gold 1960’s chandelier which hangs in the
craftroom now sits over the table I use for scrapbooking
and provides extra light when I am sewing at the
vintage office desk.

Different styles but they are each about the same size and are
blingy and cute!! Like TWINS!!
😉 🙂

Soon I will be cleaning and redecorating it 
for the holidays.
(My same friend says I ought to put up plastic all around it and 
spray paint it white!)

Happy decorating,