Blogger Thoughts and Special Moments…

Yellow coreopsis blooming in Arizona ~ 2016

Okay, sometimes we’ve just got to have
a totally random post… just because!
Here’s what I’ve been up to
for the past couple of weeks now.

What I’ve been working on:

Getting gear for an upcoming birthday party
photography shoot.  Here are some of the goods:

I’ve been texting and talking back and forth
with our son about what kind of tripod
I should purchase for this upcoming photoshoot
as the current one we have is just falling apart ~ 
one leg falls off when
it’s not convenient and the swivel head
sags so you have to hold it up with your left hand
{kinda defeating the purpose of the whole tripod thing}
He suggested getting this bad boy!
It’s the Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 with a 3-way head.
It weighs in at 17+ pounds ~ and should hold up
our Canon camera and a mounted flash
no problem!

He also suggested getting the Fstoppers
flash diffuser to create soft light
on the subject being photographed.
I’m excited to see this in action!
Can’t wait ’til it gets here.

Learning programs

I’m currently working on learning how to 
create special “pins” in Canva and I’m also
beginning to work on editing photos
in Adobe Lightroom.

I can shoot pictures all day long
but shooting the right way
and then editing each photo in a new
program is tough.

Does it ever seem to you that there
just. aren’t. enough. hours. 
in. the. day
to first read about using a program
then practice with it
then really do it.
{I fell asleep at the computer last night head fallen down
probably snoring
and woke up sometime after midnight. 😉 }

Maybe you never get stressed out
but this week I. am.
It’ll all be good and worth it when it 
all comes together, thankfully.


Friends gave us a couple of herb plants
so I’ve been figuring out just
what kind of ceramic pot or wooden tub
I’d like to plant these in.
I found one yesterday at Lowe’s
so I’ll be out photographing
in the garden soon.


Sometimes we are given dreams.
A new hope.
A new direction.
I feel that is happening for me, for us
my husband and I
right now.

Sometimes everything you’ve done
in life
just all comes together in one
special moment.
Coming to Texas has given us an
to live a better, happier life.
Faith is something that is unshakeable
sometimes maddening
sometimes very difficult
but what someone or something else
meant for bad
God can make good.

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Happy blessings to you,



Crafts to Make ~ A Shabby Chic Glamper

Our fairy girls have their own glamper now! 😉
Over Easter I found this 
wonderfully cute little 
wooden camper 
while looking for other craft supplies at 
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store
with my daughter.

It was sooo cute that I had to get it!
I thought it’d be fun to turn this little cutie
{which is similar to the full-size “canned ham” campers}
into a glamorous camper or

Wandering around, we found these 
wonderful Shabby Chic~style
Anna Griffin
papers for small projects.
Thinking they’d be perfect either in sheets 
or as individual roses cut out…
I put them into my basket, 

Supplies you’ll need

(1) wooden camper
favorite craft paints in water-based acrylic
paint brushes
craft paper
white glue or Mod Podge

If desired

*glitter, silk flowers, small pot for “plants or flowers”
*lace for creating curtains for inside the camper’s windows
*any other trims you’d like

How to Make Your Camper

*First, paint the main body of your camper.
Let dry.  {I painted part of the top, too
so that anywhere the paper didn’t stick would show the “base color.”}

*Paint the trim, door, wheels and spindles next.
Let those dry.

*After that, glue on cutouts {or parts of a sheet}
from your favorite scrapbook papers.
Press down hard to make the paper stick.
{This paper I used was pretty thick, so it took a while to soften
and stuck better once it was soft.}

*Brush on more watered-down glue or
Mod-Podge over top of the paper
to create a protective finish ~ fix any areas
that didn’t stick well from beforehand.
Let dry.

*Decorate to your heart’s content!

This glamper’s goodies

This little glamper has a miniature license plate,
some lace trim as an awning to protect
these friendly fairies as they 
come and go about their business, 
and more 
lace fencing surrounding their
rose and pearl garden.
Wouldn’t you like a garden of pearls?
Me, too!

These little wood crafts are sooo much fun to
paint and decorate!
As a family we used to make one or two a year
when my kids were little ~ they always
enjoyed painting everything!

I also had a Girl Scout troop for 6 years and
we painted lots of different projects
for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day
and other holidays
over the years.

This little birdhouse in the background is the one I kept ~ I used a lot of my saved-up broken china.
A similar project is the little birdhouse
I made about seven years ago
which I added pieces of architectural
trim to, painted and then used non-sanded
grout to plaster on pieces of broken china
to the roof.
{I didn’t paint the roofs (rooves?) of these bird houses at all ~ just filled in later
with my tiny paint brushes along the roof line.}
I made seven or eight of these and gave
them to the ladies in my tea group
that summer.
They LOVED them!!!

Maybe I’ll make a few glampers
for some new friends here…
It has been fun creating this little glamour camper
to share with you!
Sorry a little blurry ~ I am getting new glasses soon!

Blessings and Happy Trails 
to you,
xoxo Barb 🙂

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Laundry Day!

Favorite jeans drying in the springtime sun… 🙂
Happy Saturday, Everybody!
I’m enjoying today’s beautiful mid-spring weather
with its warmer temperatures ~
perfect for hanging some laundry 

What do you think of my attempt at “removing” the ugly satellite dish?  Kinda fun
playing around with the editing feature on our computer. 😉

The weather here is perfect 

Today’s high is expected to be around
84 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 Celsius
Just right for setting up the folding laundry rack
I found last year at Target
outside and
getting a little wash hung up.
{Take advantage of the light breezes and less humid weather.}

As I’m looking back working on fixing “labels” 
here on my blog page, 
and as I was 
already outside preparing to drape 
these blue jeans 
over our garden bench and 
the portable clothes dryer,
I remembered an old laundry post and 
was inspired to write.

Plus you can see how our garden is growing
since the David Austin roses and these
sweet little striped baby petunias and lantana
were planted
just about a month ago…

Lots to do this weekend!

Hubby is back from Florida for this rotation 
of his four-month-long 
business trip
laundry is always a part of getting
to visit with him.
{Sleep is high on his list when home!}
Laundry is also a way of sharing 
my love.

Happy Saturday!
Barb 🙂

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Tea on Tuesday ~ A Friendship Tea

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My friends Scott and Marian just sitting down to tea.
This past Tuesday I had some new friends over for 
a real tea~ something that has been missing in my life 
since we moved out of our former home…

I have had friends in individually just for a scone and tea
but I haven’t had a full-on tea with courses like I used to do a 
couple of times a year for 17 or 18 years as part of the 
Victorian Tea Society
when we were in our previous two homes.

Sorry this is a bit blurry!  It was 11:45 or later and I was rushing to shoot a few photos before my friends arrived.

We had a wonderful time!  Spirit radio played softly

from out in the living room
candlelight flickered from the vanilla candles unobtrusively set on the dining room table and
the spicy scent of cinnamon~chip scones filled the sun-warmed air around us.

Zucchini quiche made with goat cheese replacing the usual mozzarella {why it’s so soft} and chicken salad sandwiches.

First Course

Our first course included cinnamon chip scones with mock Devonshire cream
made with goat cheese, almond milk and powdered sugar 
{since Marian has allergies to cow’s milk} 
whipped into to soft peaks.  
Because of using the goat cheese, this type of 
cream doesn’t stay whipped for long ~ just make a 
small batch and use it up quickly.
*If I had my big Kitchen-Aide mixer here the clotted cream
may have stayed whipped together better.

We also had cherry jam and Ikea’s orange and elderflower marmalade.
If you’ve never had this jam, it is incredibly delicious!

After each having one scone, the basket was passed around
a second time whereby Marian and I split a second scone.
We decided to save room for what was coming next…

Main Course

Next we partook in goat cheese zucchini quiche
chicken salad sandwiches on cinnamon bread and
fruits including 
raspberries, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.
The fruit being the perfect complement
to the tanginess of the quiche and
the cinnamon spiciness of the sandwiches.

While we ate we talked about Texas… They had brought over a AAA book and a
couple of magazines with places to visit and 
things to do here in this great state.
We also talked about where they are going
and what they will be doing next.
They will become camp hosts at their next camping spot
like we were in our last spot in California from 
late summer 2015 – November 2016!
It’s a great way to see an area and work a little
to pay for a camp spot to park your RV.
Something to consider if you plan to travel
when you retire. {Since it costs so much to pay for campsites…}

Scott and Marian will be heading out of state

following their daughter and son-in-law with a change in jobs
{Fun! Always a good thing to get to see new places!}

but I realized that I will really miss them.
Having been neighbors here in the park for several months now
surviving a number of hail and lightening storms 
this past winter hunkering down together through the real cold
strong winds and rains that happens in this part of North Texas,
we’ve built up a real friendship in a short amount of time.
Same with my friend Sondra and 
her dog “Shelby”
who are also traveling cross-country moving back home
to Oregon where she can be closer to family.
{She missed the tea as this was her first day to travel, but I made sure she had scones to go. :)}

“Shelby” is a sweet chihuahua terrier mix

These two photos were taken with my iPhone ~ a mutual friend took this one of Sondra and myself and our pups.

Scott and Marian took me down to the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

last month and we had a lovely lunch down there that day.

Marian, her daughter and granddaughter enjoying the walk through the various garden rooms at
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The Last Course ~ Dessert

Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting
dreamily drizzled with mashed raspberries
was the perfect end to a perfect meal.
The one flavor complemented the other…
We moved over to the living room for this final course
and my guests were treated to the picturesque views
of the property out the back window…

The alpacas lay quietly under now fully leafed trees
down in the pasture to the left
or were grazing nearby.
Birds hopped about in yard and on the meadow hill behind our prairie home
picking up twigs and grasses and working industriously finding materials to build their springtime nests.
And we talked of future dreams…

All in all a lovely afternoon and 
great way to renew 
“sharing tea with friends…”

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Blessings to you,

Places to visit ~ The Chocolate Angel Tearoom

Last week I stumbled across the 
Chocolate Angel Tearoom
which made my day!

Love the light grey walls with the overall Shabby Chic/French theme of this small tea room.  The sideboard buffet has country scenes painted on each of its door panels.

Campbell Road Village

635 W Campbell Rd, Suite 314

Richardson, Texas 75080



Mon – Sat:  10:30am-5:30pm

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Last week  I accidentally got turned around on the roads in Richardson and heading towards the Univ. of Texas {again… Lol!} after I picked up our mail.
As I was driving down this road, I suddenly 
remembered that some new friends had mentioned that there were some tearooms right around this area.

Pulling into a parking lot, I quickly googled 
“tearooms in Richardson” then finding that the 
Chocolate Angel popped up right away ~ 
it was literally a half-mile away
on the same road.

Having not visited a tearoom in ages nor having given a
tea in a while I jumped at the chance to “take tea.”
{yesterday’s quick post w/ pics}

Sorry this is so dark! Because it was shot “live” on my iPhone… my computer wouldn’t let
me correct the lighting. 
The doorway I entered took me into the bakery portion
and a smaller tearoom set off to the side
{this is where I had tea}.
A larger main tearoom has its entry further to
the left in the little strip mall
taking reservations and seatings
at particular times.
One of the staff members said that 
afternoon tea had a seating 
that day at 3:30pm.
More of an actual high tea,
the afternoon seating is by reservations
and costs $22.00.
I decided to just have an early dinner
in the smaller bakery tearoom instead.

The main tea room ~ decorated in soft neutrals of grey, white, brown with a hint of black.  The style is Victorian with a  Nordic French feel.  Just lovely!

Sitting down, I perused the menu and decided on 
the Chocolate Angel Tea Sampler (around $10)
which included 
a cup of soup, three tea sandwiches
quiche, fruit and a small scone.
The waitress brought out a pot of hot water and 
a sample of Tazo teas in a tea box 
from which I chose my favorite:
English Breakfast.

While sipping my cup of tea,
I played with the vintage wedding photographs
under the table’s protective glass cover
moving them just so then snapping a few photos.
Soft music played in the background
creating a delightful atmosphere.

At my table, four chairs were covered
in a lovely French toile de Jouy
and I just had to take a couple of photos!

All in all, a lovely afternoon!
I would definitely recommend the
Chocolate Angel
for tea when you come to 
the Dallas-Ft. Worth
area for a visit.

Happy tea and blessings
to you!

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Happy tea and blessings
to you!

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Taking Tea ~ Chocolate Angel Tea Room

Sorry so dark! My iPhone has a “Live” setting on it and the computer won’t let me
edit to lighten… ugh! :/

Just a super quick post today
to say tomorrow and Friday
I’ll have two wonderful tea stories
for you!

One more photo for today ~
sorry I’m running around like a
chicken with my head cut off…
A friend who is really a pretty new friend
just left Wagon Master a few minutes ago
heading back to Oregon… lots going on and
I realize I’m missing
old friends.

Happy to be hosting a tea today
for two more friends who will be moving on
to Florida next week.

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See you tomorrow, then,
and thanks for listening,

Favorite Author Jane Austen ~ Sense and Sensibility

Over Easter as I drove down to 
visit with our daughter
I stopped by Magnolia Market
and picked up a few gifts
and one in particular
for myself ~
a copy of the novel
Sense and Sensibility

I re-watched Sense and Sensibility the other night ~ photographed off our living room television.  Love this scene with Mrs. Dashwood {Gemma Jones} and Miss Marianne {Kate Winslet}.  Been playing with my decorating, too.   🙂

Sense and Sensibility

It is by far my absolute favorite book
since becoming an adult with
Pride and Prejudice
falling close on its ethereal complex
human heart heels.

Anyway, I had to share this lovely edition
with you as it harkens back to the “first edition”
the way Jane Austen originally had her work published.
{the quote marks are single marks, not double like today’s, and other nuances.}
The copy of Pride and Prejudice
I picked up at a thrift shop in St. Ives
while there in England in 2005
is styled the same way.

from my Instagram

The story

Sense and Sensibility tells the tale of a family 
who have just lost their father and are 
now having to move out of 
their ancestral home
as the older half-brother and his wife
are to inherit and move in.

More than that, though, it is a story about love…
A mother’s love for her children
the love each of the older daughters find
jilted and broken hearts
estranged lovers and 
all the consequences
of a life lived in a tough world
set in an 
idyllic time and place.

Taking tea at the Chocolate Angel Tearoom I discovered the other day… 
an upcoming post for sure. 😉
Sense and Sensibility with its complex
relationships between each character
makes for a fun read!
And, if you’ve never watched the 
Ang Lee film
of the 
same name with the screenplay 
by Emma Thompson
{who plays Miss Dashwood, Eleanor}
it’s definitely one for anyone who likes
period films!

{It definitely goes along with Downton Abbey in my collection and hopefully yours!}

A tea at our Big House a couple of years ago.

Sonnet 116 ~ Let Me Not to the 

Marriage of True Minds

Let me not to the marriage of true minds 
Admit impediments. Love is not love 
Which alters when it alteration finds, 
Or bends with the remover to remove. 
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark 
That looks on tempests and is never shaken; 
It is the star to every wand’ring bark, 
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken. 
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks 
Within his bending sickle’s compass come; 
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, 
But bears it out even to the edge of doom. 
If this be error and upon me prov’d, 
I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d.

~ William Shakespeare ~

Marianne quotes this as she gets to know Willoughby ~ 
the love she and he wish for
but cannot have…

Eleanor and Marianne

They struggle to find happiness with regards to love
as the story unfolds but 
in the end they find their dreams
though not quite like 
they had planned it.

Even though I’ve read this book
a bunch of times,
I like that Jane Austen’s novels 
always have happy endings ~ 
they foster a bit of
much needed happiness into 
our own lives.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 
― C.S. Lewis

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Happy reading, Everybody!


Maker’s Marks on Serving Piece and What They Mean

Makers’ marks on the 
undersides of teacups, 
saucers, plates and other pieces of dishes and 
silverware have been used for centuries.
They can tell us roughly when a piece was made
who made it {what manufacturer} and 
in the case of silver and pewter
the content purity of
the precious metals used in a
piece’s production.

Makers’ Marks

Those little stamped, painted or impressed marks 
can tell a lot about a piece of pottery or silverware.
They are a manufacturer’s registration marks
showing that a piece came from their company.
A lot of “copying” was going on between potteries.  
Blanks were often created at one pottery 
then sold to others who would decorate the
blanks with their company’s designs.
Multiple marks can be on the backs
of your china pieces.
This occurs in silver production, too, which is 
why you will sometimes see up to
four distinct markings on your
fine silver trays and other fine silver and 
pewter serving pieces.

Colors ~ What do they mean?

Whether black, green, blue or another color
those colors signify in what year
a piece was produced.
Often a maker would keep the same
“stamp” but just change the print color.

I have a book about Royal Winton china and 
in it the author’ speaks about colors 
signifying approximate date years
when pieces were produced.
To see some of their colored back stamps
please check out:

These backstamps are really fun to look at
then the more you look
time goes by and you may not realize that
an hour or more has passed!

This set came with 46 married pieces.

Just like people, you may find that your
new favorite china set or piece may come
with a few bumps and bruises.
But that’s okay.
We pick up the pieces, patch ourselves up
and get right back in the saddle.

The repaired creamer is the piece to the very far right.
This transferware set above has a creamer
which has had the handle repaired
but is still lovely nonetheless.

Finding complete sets of china in thriftshops
or antique stores is always a challenge.
Most are married sets and this one
is absolutely no exception.
I flipped all these pieces over and studied
those backstamps looking at the colors
and registration numbers.
Mine is a married set of two different
firings, but that’s okay.
They all go together.
Royal Winton’s June Roses, I believe ~ a lovely vintage teacup in my collection.  Now “for looks only.” 

Something to note

It’s important to have vintage china checked 
for lead leakage before eating anything hot off of it.
I was sick, really sick, about 10-12 years ago
because I was drinking hot tea fairly regularly
out of the above chintzware teacup 
that I had purchased online.
This chintz teacup was made in the 1930’s or earlier
and I was inadvertently poisoning myself.
Losing my hair in small clumps
vomiting once everyday
and diarrhea
became the norm for a month!
Only several years later did I realize
that that was what had 
made me so sick.

I’d never thought about the fact that 
it could be poisonous!
Not the way you want to lose 20 pounds
in one month
trust me on this one…

So, enjoy those makers’ marks
on your lovely china. 
The next time you pick up a china piece at an 
antique store or a flea market,
enjoy thinking of where that piece came from
and the many people who worked 
to create that “lovely”
you now hold in 
your hand.

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Blessings and Happy Teatime
to you,

The Japanese Gardens at Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens

This lovely arched bridge
crossing between the two sides of the 
at the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens…

This photo reminds me of 
Claude Monet’s
Le Bassin aux nymphéas
one of a series of waterlily paintings he created ~
this one painted in 1919.
{click on the highlight above to see his painting}

Sounds of running water were heard everywhere within the Japanese garden… sigh!

Perfect peacefulness…

When we visited a few weeks ago
many sparrows, a few doves and other birds
were hopping busily about
picking up little bug snacks and pecking
worms and creatures out of the ground.
Robins especially!

This little furry friend
was waiting for someone, anyone
to leave him some of the fish pellets
when we were near the koi resting
in a shaded area of the pond.

Traveling around
we came across several of these pillared
I’m sure they have a specific purpose
but to me 
they look a bit like letter boxes.
{Wouldn’t this make a lovely postal box?}
Small groves of giant bamboo and nandina
a tinier bamboo cousin
were scattered about helping to
block unsightly views while creating
lovely shaded areas ~ perfect places

Several crane statues perched upon
stones ~ one in a pool…
{not in the Japanese garden, I remembered, but still fits}

… and these within awaiting 
a visit from 
their real counterparts.
Several turtles poked their heads up out
of the cool waters
others were out along the shoreline.
One box turtle was stationed just outside
this garden and the gift shop.
{sorry, no photo on my camera… just on my iPhone.}

Another magical view of the bridge.

Then we came across these little stalagmite
type tree roots 
looking ever like little gnomes
taking a sunbath along the water’s edge…
The restroom sign was just funny
posted there
now it’s leading the gnomes
“to the facilities.”

Well, the program is telling me
it can’t or won’t upload any more photos
it must be time to send this 
to you.

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Happy Friday!

Places to Visit ~ The Rose Garden at Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens

Sweet pale yellow roses growing up against the stone wall near the Lion Fountain ~ perhaps “The Yellow Rose of Texas?”
The Rose Garden
at the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
I wrote about recently is definitely 
worth a trip to the gardens.
Come take a look!

The stone lion fountain ~ part of the Shelter House under structure.

The Rose Garden

I was pretty sure the first time I saw the rose garden
that it was based off of the beautifully structured 
gardens of Europe ~ and I was right!

A posted placard placed in the garden shares 
the garden’s inspiration came from the Italian and French Renaissance way of landscaping.  This sign also tells 
how the rose garden was begun during the Great Depression 
using special funds set aside to 
put people to work.

Terrible photograph, I know, as it was around 2:00 in the afternoon and the sunlight was on my view finder.  I had to “guess” when taking the shot.  I blew up this photograph so you could read the story about how the garden came to be.  🙂

When we went there about three weeks ago now,
pansies were massively blooming,
azaleas and orchids were just past prime
and the recent storms hadn’t been kind to
the roses.
Some were ready to open
others had lots of buds on them
but there were enough
that the garden didn’t disappoint!

These DO look like the Double Knock Out rose shown on the Star Roses website.  

Roses look funny to me on film
as they always look a bit

Because we didn’t get over to the rose garden until after lunch, I increased the color on the photo above a little bit but not much.
It was a little too washed out otherwise.
I was surprised that the boxwood surrounding
each planter weren’t filled in
but perhaps
this replanting of the rose garden
is fairly new…
Something for me to ask next time.
*Checking on the Fort Worth botanical Gardens website for the Rose Garden:
the rose garden is being replanted with roses due to a disease I haven’t
heard of before ~ the deadly “rosette disease virus.”

Love the vertical shrubs shaped into “trees!”

I love the shapes

The conical shrubs were junipers if I remember correctly
and the hedges are Japanese boxwood.
I had 100 of those planted in my
Big House garden.
Historically, after looking at the 
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens website
red roses were what were originally planted
in the rose garden.
These single and double petalled beauties
are what grow best in
North Central Texas.

My neighbor Marian who went with me to
the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
said these roses are 
Knockout Roses.

I always thought that Knockout Roses
was a brand and not an actual
type of rose
I learned that yes Knockout roses are a family
of roses.

There are test gardens here on the grounds, too,
though I didn’t get over there much.
{Something to look forward to next time!}

I did snap a photo of one sign I found identifying
one particular ruby red rose:

Funny, the reason I shot this photo wasn’t for
what was etched into it…
It was the cute green gecko I found!
{At least I think he’s a gecko… it’s been so long since we lived in Hawaii and have seen one!}

Personally, I could have stayed
in the rose garden
just studying all the roses
but it was getting to be time
to beat the traffic heading home…
I raced about taking photos
{really it was much slower, but I knew I was out of time.}

The gardens travelled forward through the main Renaissance rose garden back to the left where these next photographs were taken.

I love the basket weave structure of these fences!
Wouldn’t this be lovely to put in your garden?
I love basket weave in wicker furniture
in garden structures and 
I guess that it follows my heart
or rather 
my heart follows it…

Our new bench outside found at Wayfair online.
My Big House gardens with chubby fat overgrown boxwoods… 🙂
I’ve been writing a little lately about taking
interior design outdoors
but also 
learning from what others
before us have done
is another lovely way to incorporate
their designs into your own ~ such is the case
in my own little gardens.
I certainly would like to incorporate lattice fencing
like this and more boxwood and roses
into my next home gardens…

Another shot that just couldn’t be fixed but still very readable ~ I love reading these placards when I go somewhere!
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little
tour of the Rose Gardens at
Fort Worth’s beautiful botanical gardens.
Tomorrow I’ll post the
Japanese Gardens… just too much for
one post.
{But you don’t mind, do you? Gardens are sooo worth exploring!}

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