No Share Your Style This Evening…

Hey, everyone! I’m sorry…

We flew home today and after picking up Yoda, I’m beat. Yoda went through a lot of stress with other dogs at the veterinary/kennel, so it has taken over an hour just to calm him down. He is finally sleeping after pacing for an hour-plus then finally eating.

an older photograph from this spring

Anyway, we got up about 4:30am today for a 7:25 am flight. We spent the weekend power-washing my mother-in-law’s house, cleaning up the yards around the house, taking metal to the recycler, and of course, going to my father-in-law’s funeral.

It has been kinda busy. 🙂

So no SYS this evening but I’ll be back with photographs from the week probably on Friday.

Thanks for understanding,

Barb 🙂

9 thoughts on “No Share Your Style This Evening…”

  1. oh Barb, so sorry you’ve had such a long stressful week. Please take care and get some rest. poor pupster, kenneling is hard on our little furry sweeties. please dont worry about the party. we’re good. sending hugs.

  2. Any of those events alone – the flight, the dog’s anxiety, the funeral, the tasks – would be enough to tire, but collectively have to be exhausting. Time to rest and recover, and good that you listen to your body’s and mind’s needs!

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