Let’s Go Mardi Gras! Belatedly Quick Mardi Gras Decorating Ideas for Your Home


Louisiana’s grand two week celebration held in New Orleans each year and known world-wide simply as Mardi Gras may not be city host to the grand parade, massive celebrations and frat house parties this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, but Mardi Gras is being celebrated BIG in other ways!

The Crescent City has come up with a fun alternative all its own called “Yardi Gras” where sororities, fraternities, businesses and other sponsoring “krewes” and homeowners are lending their front yards and inside their homes as backdrops to display all of the wonderful Mardi Gras floats, flowers and more!…

A large statue of a dinosaur wears a beaded necklace and top hat, standing in front of a decorated house.
The Atlantic

Here are a couple of photos I found out on The Atlantic website for the City of New Orleans. You just have to boogey on over to see more of the crazy magic that is Mardi Gras!…

A decorated two-story house appears to have tentacles emerging from its upper windows.
The Atlantic

I’ve learned since moving to Texas that New Orleans is only six hours away and just over the Texas-Louisiana border, not unlike the five hour drive from our former home in Murrieta, California to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump!!! So maybe next year I’ll get to visit Mardi Gras… ;)’

Can’t wait to try the food! YUM!

It’s wearing frightful color combination in public and rolling your eyes at the guy in your office who–like clockwork, year after year–denies that he got the baby in the king cake and now someone else has to pony up the ten bucks for the next one.

Chris Rose, as quoted in GoodReads

Two of my friends, Loretta and Karen June, who love to visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras season!

Here are my friends from our IOOF lodge here in Denton who found these Mardi Gras shirts last year at a Buc-Ees gas station (a big deal here in Texas!) on the way to Louisiana.

Two nuts trying not to laugh!!! XD

Another friend from Lodge, Torrance, shared her mantel with me and I get to happily share it here with y’all!

(Oh, and Torrance and her husband went by Terrell, Texas two weekends ago and picked up a shirt for her and me!! Woot!) Bummer we had all the crazy snows this week here in Texas as I was looking forward to wearing my Mardi Gras shirt to school… Since the City of Denton has very few “snow plows,” school was cancelled in shifts this week. Most of us haven’t had internet and many are without power all over Texas ~ which is WHY this post is getting out to you late. 😉

Love love love Torrance’s living room mantel decorated with French New Orleans masks and all the bright colors associated with Mardi Gras! She even put up a small Mardi Gras Christmas-type tree! Too cute… <3

My version of a Mardi Gras display…

Here is a fun link to a Mardi Gras celebration caught on film a few years ago…

Everywhere else, it’s just Tuesday…”

Yahoo search on Mardi Gras quotes

Here on our library table (vis-a-vis our tea table/end table) I had fun creating my own Mardi Gras vignette. I am so happy I found this French couple at the thriftshop last fall! They work perfectly into so many tableaux…

Picking up the bright and fanciful colors and creations This is Mardi Gras in a scaled-down version. I looked for anything I had that was trés French, sparkly and ethereal!

courtesy my friend Karen June Bays

Well, friends, even though Louisiana didn’t get to have their “official” Mardi Gras again this year due to Covid-19 and not enough people having been innoculated, and then all the snowy weather with Snowpocolypse 2021, I hope you enjoyed a little celebrating in your own home!…

Big hugs,

Barb 🙂

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    1. So would I, Jeanie! I think just seeing the floats, the decorations and eating some of the foods I haven’t tried before would be fun. The rest I am happy to watch at on t.v. 😉

      Hope you are thawing out up there. Would you believe it is 70 deg. out today??! What a difference a week makes.
      Spring is coming!!! 🙂

      Barb 🙂

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