Summer Party Ideas to Inspire

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th with Summertime Party Ideas from all of us in this month’s hop for around or under $10! Hosted by Ann Bacon of Apple Street Cottage and Terrie of Decorate and More with Tip. Thank you, Ladies!!! Come on in and let’s get this party started…

I love having friends and family over for a party and we had quite a few at our last home in California. We had a good draw with our swimming pool so we often had our children’s friends over to swim as they were growing up. We’ve had a couple of parties here since moving into our new Texas home and we are looking forward to many more. Here are some tips to make your next party a success:

 10 Summertime Parties ideas

1. Party Foods ~ First off, put together all of your favorite munchies from popcorn to peanuts to several kinds of chocolate for s’mores to cook over an open fire pit.  Informal parties are fun because they are all about eating fun foods! Each of these goodies shown above were just a few dollars each, and many were already in my cabinet. The bag of popcorn came from Winco and was under $4.00 for a HUGE bag already popped!

2. What’s for dinner? If you are having a barbeque lunch or dinner party, bring on the steaks, burgers and hotdogs for easy cooking. Have someone bring a salad and others coming bring a tray of veggies to make it easy on everyone. Then, grill up some fresh ears of corn for a wonderful meal to share!

3. Bring out the plastic ware  Tupperware cups and double-walled insulated cups with lids are perfect to serve drinks to guests out of doors. Solo cups are wonderful and you can use a permanent marker to write everyone’s names on them! Solo cups run about $4.00 for about 50 cups. With young children around, having plasticware to drink outside is a must where cement patios, walkways and bare feet are involved. 👦👧

4. Go for the paper!  You can have a pretty evening supper party and still use paper plates. Make it easy on yourself after getting the yard and patio ready for outdoor entertaining. Use plastic tableware and just pair with painted pressed-tin chargers to help paper plates hold up when layered with food.

5. When you want to go formal  Bring out the china and silver  and crystal stemware when you want to have a fancy outdoor party with your adult friends and family members. It’s unexpected and a real surprise for friends coming over to have really formal dinnerware outdoors! 

6. Add a beautiful centerpiece  If you have a lovely statue to bring outside, have a French-styled party! It’s not always necessary to have flowers when you have centerpiece that is really beautiful. 

7. Bring out the flowers  But, then again… Flowers are always beautiful at any party and so many are in bloom in the summer that it’s easy to make beautiful floral centerpieces. 

Lay blooms casually on the table for a low centerpiece (using floral picks filled with water to keep these flowers fresh) or go all out with a pretty pitcher or bucket filled with a nice summertime bouquet!
8. When going formal  Bring out pretty linen napkins for a very formal outdoor affair such as a wedding. If your event is less formal, use some pretty bandanas as napkins instead.

From a post I wrote when we lived in our Heartland Charleston Landmark RV ~ Try Bandanas for a Fun Table Styling.

9. Hang outdoor lighting  If you have extra Christmas twinkle lights, they look lovely hung around the patio for nighttime entertaining. Edison lights look beautiful swagged throughout the trees.

Just a snippet of a party coming to you soon!
10. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work  Have a great time visiting with friends and family at your summertime party whether it’s indoors or outside, during the day or in the evening! 
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12 thoughts on “Summer Party Ideas to Inspire”

  1. What a great party guide! I am so frustrated that we cant entertain like we used to right now! I miss that!. I always enjoy the preparation for a party. One thing I also try to do is to have all prep work completed before friends arrive so that I can enjoy the party, too!

  2. Barbara I love the tips you gave us today. I would rather have all of our kid's friends at our home than some other place getting into trouble. I would always have treats sitting around for them. The hardest part of a party would be the menu. Love the tip you shared on that. Your tables are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the tips on parties. I am pinning this for sure!

  3. Such cute ideas Barbara. I always want to use paper plates but have never thought to use real chargers. That is a fantabulous idea! Totally takes it up a notch. Hope you are staying cool. It's about to get even hotter and I won't even pop my head out of the house!

  4. Hi Barbara, this is a great party guide with wonderful tips for entertaining alfresco. I do like the idea of making it simple for the hostess. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  5. I miss entertaining so much and love the idea of using bandanas for decor and napkins. We have so many that we use for our craft projects but I never thought of hauling them out of the cupboard and onto the table.

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