Sparkly Patriotic Decor in the Living Room

Welcome to  this month’s Patriotic Decor Pinterest Challenge hosted by my friend Cindy of County Road 407. If you haven’t visited our Pinterest Challenge before, Cindy shares a photo from another blogger with us as home decor inspiration and to makeover as our own. Thank you, Cindy!!! Let’s go Americana, friends!!!

Red white and blue

Our inspiration this month comes from Liz Marie Blog whose fun sophisticated patriotic farmhouse-decor is breezy-coastal and fresh. I love her combination of comfortable-casual style where you just want to sink into the sofas and enjoy a sweet glass of lemonade!!

If you are coming over from Laura at Everyday Edits, welcome! I love Laura’s fun interpretation of this month’s Patriotic Decor!!

What strikes me with Liz’s decor:

  • white slipcovered sofas and a squishy slipcovered ottoman
  • soft reds in her gently faded American flags and red in her vintage-style tricycle
  • blue stars and stripes in those same flags and the sofa’s pillow covers
  • a round coffee table with a large round natural-wicker basket to corral everything together
  • an olive bucket with greenery
  • a sweet family photo in a white frame
  • three vintage canning jars in soft turquoise
  • and a demijohn of clear glass to hold the tall American flags
  • a big cabinet and some other decor off to the right of the main sofa
I love the idea of old canning jars for summer styling as it reminds me of catching fireflies and the glass demijohn with its gently faded patriotic flags soften the decor. The wood furniture is nicely stained in light and dark tones and a fun window with a jack-a-lope trophy round out her farmhouse style.

Well, I can’t come up with a jack-a-lope, but last year I shared a summertime patriotic post with soft reds and blues of my own in this post for July 4th. I do love this lighter take on our country’s patriotic colors. 

This was my first take on the look sans patriotic-coastal pillows.
So this year I am also going for the softer side of Americana. My style is a little more French-country but softer Americana colors fit me just right. 

I made drop-cloth slipcovers for my two camelback sofas when I first began my blog six years ago. If you’d like to read those posts, you can find the first post in that sewing series here. So, first need for this challenge ~ check!

My take on our Patriotic Decor Challenge

I knew right away I’d use this round tobacco basket as my centerpiece. I found it last fall at Joanne’s as a door hanger for $7.00 on clearance! Can you believe it? 

It had to come home with me that day. Originally it was stained dark brown and for this post I’ve dry-brushed the basket with grey chalk-paint then layered on highlights of white chalk-paint. I like its lighter soft-grey look now and even Mr. Ethereal commented on how much he likes it! (He has good taste!)

I was also able to bring in 

  • A small oregano plant in a well-worn clay pot sitting on a red transferware plate that became my greenery and brings in a little red to this tablescape vignette.
  • A tall LED lamp with its soft grey woven cover in a pear-shape atop a small vintage red leather-bound book (for added height) ~ mimicks the tall demijohn of the inspiration piece. 
  • I added in some fun red, white and blue with a pinwheel and  some “sparkle” with this tall “fireworks explosion-sparkler” ~ these two pieces take the place of the two large flags. Two tiny American flags tucked into the oregano add in the American flags that would be missing otherwise, and that would be unpatriotic.
  • Two canning jars in turquoise and a deeper green ~ from some pepper jelly a friend gave me ~ add in the green jars. I did try two of the turquoise Ball jars but they just wouldn’t quite fit so this was my compromise.
  • A French flow-blue dish filled with summertime deep-red cherries outside the basket is my own little addition ~ it takes the place of the blue in the ottoman’s striped slipcover and brings in a little more red to the scene.
  • An antique clear-glass apothecary jar (now clouded) brings in the clear glass from Liz’ tablescape and is the final addition to the centerpiece. This jar belonged to my husband’s grandfather and he collected old glass.  I found this in a pile of things Mr. Ethereal was cleaning out of one of three sheds while we were back helping his mother.
  • A small cabinet and tall planter with hydrangeas stand off to the right to stand in for the wooden case piece in the inspiration photograph.

The final elements of my Patriotic Decor

  • For the background: We just returned from two back-to-back trips and I brought home this faded and slightly torn American flag from my inlaws’ home in California, from our second trip. 

I tried to fade it more with bleach but it must be 100% polyester so it refused to fade. A 100% cotton flag will fade beautifully and is something I’ll have to look for next!

Yoda wanted in the photos, too!
  • My son and daughter’s heavy-duty tricycle brings in the family aspect of what Patriotic Decor means to me. My parents found this 28-year-old tricycle at a garden center near their last home in Southbury, Connecticut. It is soooo heavy-duty that my son was still racing this tricycle around our last home’s backyard pathways even at 17 years old! It will go up to our sweet grandson (his son) as soon as little Milo is old enough for it… 💝
  • Reversible Coastal-Americana pillowslips I just made bring in the stripes from the original plus a little extra fun with the  coastal look on the reverse print! This was a quick fun project done in less than an hour giving our sofa a new summertime look.  Love how these have turned out!
With the fireplace right behind the camera, this is as big and wide as my living room can show, lol!! Pretty happy with how this whole patriotic tablescape and vignette turned out. Here is one side of the pillows.

To make these pillow slipcovers

These pillowslips are easy to make with just sewing straight edges and leaving about 1/3 of the bottom edge open for stuffing before either pinning, putting in buttons and buttonholes, or a zipper for closing.

You’ll need 1 yard each of two complementary fabrics. Cut them to fit the width and length across the pillow, stuffed, plus 5/8″ more to each edge for the seam allowance. You’ll also need two pillow inserts, matching thread and a zipper or buttons to finish your pillows.

Big tip: Put right sides together and sew down both sides from the top of the pillowslip. Sew outward from the middle of the top seam to each side, overlapping slightly in the middle. Do the same on the bottom but leave the middle-third open for turning and stuffing.

***This technique is how you prevent “pulling to one side,” or something like a shirt that pulls in only one direction (You’ll not know why you hate that shirt but you’ll end up getting rid of it…). This is one of those reasons… 🙂

Lastly, grade your seam allowances ~ except the middle of the bottom seam allowance. Keep that full-width in case you need it for putting in a zipper or buttonholes. 

Cut diagonally across all four corners eliminating the fabric bulk. 

Turn your pillow slipcovers, press, and stuff in your pillow inserts. 

Voilà your pillows are done!

Here is the other side of the pillows.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out all the wonderful ideas my friends have created for you on today’s Patriotic Decor Pinterest Challenge tour!!!

Up next is Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home and I know you’ll enjoy her patriotic homestyle decor!

Here are some links to the Coastal-Americana fabrics and the sparklies from Joann Fabrics that I used. This post isn’t sponsored but I will earn a small commission if you buy anything through my links, thank you.

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22 thoughts on “Sparkly Patriotic Decor in the Living Room”

  1. Thank you, Laura, I appreciate the prayers. We are doing alright; Pete was a great guy and of course our Peter's namesake. Charles is doing alright and it was his honor to fix up the garage and the sheds for his dad to leave clean for his mother. Pete lived for more than half his life with heart and kidney problems so he was blessed with a long life. We know we will see him again! <3 Thank you and I'm glad you like the new room arrangement. This was another fun Pinterest Challenge, wasn't it?!Thanks again,Hugs,Barb 🙂

  2. Hi Barbara, Beautiful, love that you brought the flag home and added it for the challenge. Love addition of cherries, says patriotic and yum at the same time. I don't think mine would have lasted for a picture. I eat them like crazy, ha.The pillows you made are very pretty.Hope your husband is hanging in there you've been in my thoughts. Cindy

  3. Thank you, Cindy! He is doing good. We eat cherries like crazy, too (and these are really sweet and delicious!) but we've been rationing them. ;)Glad you like my patriotic pillows and vignette,Hugs,Barb 🙂

  4. You had the perfect spot to pull this look together, Barb! I love the backdrop of your book-filled bookshelf, too. Isn't it great when you have these blog hops to whip yourself up some new pillow covers? You're going to enjoy this room so much!

  5. Your pillows are fabulous and I love the hanging flag. Your table vignette is darling I think you knocked it out of the park with this challenge Barbara! The bowl of cherries is such a great idea too. Love it all! Thanks so much for joining in. You always make me smile. Pinned

  6. Thank you, Laura! This was fun. <3 I am happy we kept that tricycle because there is a lot of history behind it now. Thanks again and M&M's are always good!Barb 🙂

  7. Thank you so much, Lora! We do enjoy having these three bookcases ~ makes for a unique library where if I am bored, there's always a good book to read. The pillow covers were fun to make but surprisingly I rarely make any. Guess I'll have to remedy that. ;)Happy 4th of July to you (coming up shortly!), Barb 🙂

  8. Thank you, Cindy, for reminding me and for the lovely thoughts!! <3 I really enjoy each of these Pinterest Challenges as they come along. Pretty happy with how this vignette turned out. Happy almost 4th to you,Barb 🙂

  9. Barbara, love, love your 4th of July arrangement. The tobacco basket looks great with the lighter grey tones. The pillows are awesome in color and texture. So glad that you still have the tricycle. It will be wonderful for little Milo to ride his daddy's bike.

  10. You did a wonderful job with your patriotic decor, Barbara! The tricycle is perfect as well as your lovely pillow and vingette! BTW, those cherries are making my mouth water! 😉

  11. Your display looks great, Barb! I love the tricycle and the story behind it. It won't be long before Milo will be riding it. The bowl of cherries looks so good on your coffee table and is the perfect finishing touch to this lovely display.

  12. I love how you interpreted the patriotic challenge Barb. It's comfy, homely and so lovely and the story behind the tricycle is so special too. Your living room looks like a space where family and friends will always feel welcome and safe. Just the way it's supposed to be.

  13. Lovely interpretation Barb! Your sofa and pillows are so pretty and your newly graywashed basket has inspired me to paint a small brown tobacco basket in my stash. Love the summery addition of the cherries too. Happy Fourth of July!

  14. Thank you so much, Katie! It was fun to bring out our children's tricycle for this Pinterest Challenge and making the pillows was fun. Enjoy your week,Barb 🙂

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